Wedding Decorations 2 Ways, 2 Themes

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Whether you are planning for your big day or helping a friend plan for theirs, the best way to find inspiration is by doing a bit of digging. Researching ideas and exploring how others have planned their weddings can help ease your stress and inspire you to create the wedding of your dreams.

There are so many amazing routes to take when it comes to wedding planning: Modern, trendy themes, basic, more simplistic themes, rustic feels, beach themes, and hundreds more.

This week’s blog post will outline two different themes and provide a few ideas for each. Ideas for decorations, desserts, table décor and more. Many of these ideas are budget friendly and can be created using dollar store items.

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A modern themed wedding can be anything from minimalist decorations, to keeping up with today’s most popular trends. Try these next few ideas to add to your modern themed wedding. 

Rose Petal Cups
 Fill paper cups with rose petals and have individuals hand out the cups as guests begin to arrive. Instruct the guests to throw the petals around the bride and groom as the ceremony comes to a close. It will be a great way to welcome the newly wedded couple.

Donut Dessert Wall
 Who wouldn’t love a delicious donut during dessert time? Here’s how to make a donut wall: 


  • Piece of wood for the backdrop of the wall.
  • Wooden pegs (around 40)
  • Glue
  • Donuts (of course)
- Simply take wooden pegs and glue or cut holes in the wooden backdrop to place pegs on backdrop.
- Make sure there is enough space between pegs to hold the donuts.
- Let dry for over 24hrs to ensure glue (if used) is dry.
- Paint and decorate the Donut Wall as you please.


This is very popular wedding theme these days. Think greenery, woods and forestry. Here are a few rustic themed ideas for your big day!

Everyone knows the tradition of throwing flower petals or confetti around the bride and groom as they walk down the aisle. Sparklers are another fantastic idea for when it starts to get dark. Fill up buckets on the end of each row with sparklers, instruct guests to light the sparklers at a specific time and watch the night light up!

Centrepiece Ideas
To add to the rustic elements of this wedding theme, there are many different centrepieces that can be created to bring all the decorations to life.


  • White candles, different sizes (depending on how many you would like)
  • Fake or real leaves, vines, branches
  • Round wooden stumps or beams
  • Twinkle or thread lights
  • Instructions
    - Lay out your wooden stumps or beams along the centre of your tables, leaving room in between or keep clustered together.
    - Surround wood with your greenery in a neat or scattered way.
    - Intertwine twinkle or thread lights around the centre of the table.
    - Finally, place candles on wood up above the greenery and lights. Light candles when ready.

    No matter the theme, decorations or food, the atmosphere will be filled with happiness and love. Anything else you do is just extra. We hope these ideas have helped inspire you to create the wedding of yours (or your friend’s) dreams!

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