The Benefits of Improving Your Home Garden

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This week’s blog post is all about making your garden beautiful! No matter if you have a small amount of space or a huge empty garden space, there are so many great ideas on how you can fill those spaces. You have so many options to improve your garden, adding things like plants inside in planters, planting beautiful flowers along your house or in your backyard. It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or house, there are so many benefits to adding a garden or potted plants to your home. Other than the fact they can improve the look of your space, there are many health benefits to adding plants to your home. Benefits such as improved air quality and helping you breath better. Take a look at the next few tips and tricks and you will be so amazed!

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Plants Purify The Air

Having plants around the house can actually purify the air around you. Plants remove toxins from the air creating a healthy environment. Plants help make sure the air you are breathing in is clean, fresh and toxin free! Plants have also been known to help you breathe easier! This is how it works, plants take in the carbon dioxide that is released when breathe out and in return they release oxygen. Adding potted plants to your living space can increase oxygen levels, helping you breathe better.

They Add Life

Adding plants to your living space adds colour, life, texture and depth, that a plain painting on the wall can’t. Plants are an amazing addition to any home, especially if you can’t have an outdoor garden. From your floors, to the ceilings, to the walls, you can add beautiful plants anywhere to turn your home into a garden oasis! You can also move your home garden outside into your yard. Check out the closest garden store for flowers, potted plants, plant bulbs or vegetable plants. Make sure you do a quick check online before planting any plants, this will help ensure you follow the instructions correctly.

How To: Hanging Shelves with Terra-Cotta Pots

This is a great little project to kick start your new home garden!

4" to 5" Terra Cotta Flower Pots
3/4" Pine Boards 
Zip Ties

STEP 1: Lay Out the Holes
Use a pencil to mark the hole locations on a board. Make sure you leave about 2" between the flower pot holes and about 1" between the rope holes and edges of the board.
STEP 2: Cut the Boards
Once you have established the hole locations, you can trim the boards to the desired length with a circular saw. If you lay out the boards in advance, you can have the boards cut for you at your closest hardware store. I purchased 6' boards and cut them in half.
STEP 3: Drill Pilot Holes
The key to this project is making sure the holes are aligned. Rather than marking each board, I simply marked one and drilled small pilot holes through the entire stack of boards. These small holes will serve as guides for the hole saw.
STEP 4: Cut Holes for Pots
Hole saws can be a bit tricky to handle. The larger diameters can generate a lot of friction with wood so it's important to properly secure the boards and have a firm grip on the drill. I clamped the boards two at a time to a work table. Set your drill to the drilling mode at the highest speed and use both hands. The saw will occasionally freeze up and bind against the wood, so be patient and try and keep the drill perpendicular to the board.
STEP 5: Drill Holes for Rope
I used a 5/16" drill bit for the 1/4" rope. It's important to have a tight fit for the rope so that the zip ties create a stopper to keep the boards from sliding.
STEP 6: Sand the Boards
Pine is a soft wood, so you can hand sand the boards pretty quickly. I used an orbital sander and sanded them with 220 grit paper.
STEP 8: Hang the Garden
Make sure you are hanging the garden from a location that can support the weight. Closet shelf brackets work well. Try your best to level the boards. You can adjust the leveling with the zip ties.
STEP 9: Secure the Boards
Use zip ties to secure each bored.
STEP 10: Place the Plants
Put your potted plants in the holes, step back and enjoy!

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