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One of the things that everyone gets asked at the top of an incoming year is: “So, what are your New Years Resolutions?” Some folks make resolutions, and are great are seeing them through. Making resolutions for these folks can often be energizing and motivating. But if you often find yourself making a list of new year goals, but aren’t that great at seeing them through or keeping consistently at them, planning your new year resolutions can also lead to disappointment in yourself because you might be so focused on last year’s failures — or your failure to see your resolutions through (yet again). Feeling defeated is definitely not a desired feeling, especially at the top of an incoming new year. So instead of focusing on shortcomings, why not properly prepare to celebrate each awesome thing that happens next year with creativity in your DIY arsenal.

With the beginning of a calendar year, most people are reenergized and always looking for innovative ways to spark inspiration and dedication to a new vision for a new year. So, if you’re one of those people who find it tough to keep going on your new year resolution plan, why not find an innovative way to inspire your goals and capture your vision for 2018? One of coolest ways to do this and commit to new goals is to design and make “rememberlutions!” This project is as easy as making a jar that you can fill with memories and accomplishments over the course of the next 12 months. Once you end the year and are watching the drop the following year, not only will reviewing the treasures in the jar give you a warm and fuzzy set of feelings and memories, but it will also remind you that you have so much to be thankful for and proud of.

In order to make a “rememberlutions” jar of your own (any size and shape will do), all you need is a garden-variety jar which you can find at your local Dollarwise store. You can opt to keep the lid on top (if you plan to keep your jar closed ), or you can toss it in the trash (if you prefer your jar open). And in order to exercise your creativity muscles, be sure to purchase a plethora of craft supplies. Anything from googly eyes, yarn, stickers, paint pens, and copious amounts of glitter. To make it all stick together, don’t forget craft glue, glass/metal glue or hot glue (along with a glue gun) — some of which we have in our Dollarwise aisles.

Once you’ve purchased all your supplies, it’s time to decorate and fill your jar. Remember that this jar is going to be in your line of sight for the next 12 months (we recommend keeping it on your desk or on your kitchen counter so you always remember to fill it) — so you want it to be pretty to look at.

You can then use your crafts to decorate the outside of your jar with inspirational quotes, stickers, reminders, printed out photos. You can make it dazzle with googly eyes, sparkles, fringe, construction paper, and coloured glue. You can make it as simple or extravagant as your heart desires. Once your jar is decorated, it's time for the rememberlutions themselves.

Over the course of the year, whenever anything happens that makes you proud, happy, or grateful, write it down on a small sheet of paper, fold it, and put it in the jar. It can be as big as a job promotion, or as small as getting the last copy of that book you have been so excited to read. Soon enough, your jar will be plenty full with great reminders of what a wonderful year of accomplishments and gratitude you had!

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