Plan the Best Yard Sale your Neighbourhood Has Ever Seen

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There may come a point when you feel overwhelmed and realize you have too much stuff. An overflowing toy box, clothes piled high in your dresser, or kitchen items gathering dust in the pantry. When you’re figuring out what to throw away or donate, it can be a great opportunity to earn bit of cash! Having a yard sale on a sunny Saturday morning may be the perfect solution to get rid of all your extra items, because as they always say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Read along and learn how to plan and set up the best yard sale your neighbourhood has ever seen.


The first step to planning a successful yard sale is preparing a smart and appealing layout for your items. Sort your goodies into groups prior to your yard sale and display them in neat and tidy sections. Laying them on tables sorted by their type will allow people to quickly and efficiently browse and spot items they are interested in purchasing.


Now that you have a beautiful layout, make sure to label items by category, item name, and price. Write the item’s descriptions on large pieces of paper with fun markers or paint. These signs won’t just make it easy for individuals to read, they’re another key point in attracting guests to your yard sale. Get creative with some DIY flashy signs to catch people’s attention. Your kids will love to help out during this step! 

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Price Accordingly

Setting prices to high on your yard sale items is a sure way to discourage people from purchasing. More often than not, yard sales are opportunities to sell older, well used items. They may have been expensive when you initially purchased them but it’s important to keep in mind that the value of the items has decreased over time. Think about how much YOU would purchase the item for if it were you at the yard sale.

Lemonade Stand

To help attract people to your yard sale, set up a lemonade stand. Your kids will love to help out and hand out tasty lemonade. Friends, family and most importantly, your customers, will enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade while they browse. Serve in plastic or reusable glasses.  

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Now that you have all the tips and tricks to successfully plan your yard sale, give it a try next time you have a free weekend, when the sun is shinning and you know there will be people around. After your yard sale is done, if you have extra items left over, consider donating them to help someone in need!

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