One Week Till Christmas!

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Its the final week until the big day! While you're out rushing to get those last minute Christmas gifts for friends and family, be sure to stop by your nearest Dollarwise to make sure you have everything you need to make this year's Christmas and New Years a major success!

Have You Gotten Sparklers?

Christmas requires such a massive amount of work to organize and prepare for that New Years can often be forgotten about. All it takes is a quick trip to Dollarwise and a few minutes down our many aisles to stock up on everything you need. Whether it's sparklers, cups for punch, or new-years hats, Dollarwise is guaranteed to be your one-stop shop for everything New Years. Save time, money, and the hassle of figuring out new years after Christmas by taking a quick trip down to Dollarwise.

There Can Always Be More Candy!

Candy is a do-it-all Christmas staple. Not only delicious to eat when family and friends are taking the holidays to forget about their diets, Candy can serve as a cheap, beautiful decorations. Consider buying clear bowls or vases, filling them with candy, and placing them all around the house to make things more festive! Not only will your family and guests appreciate the splashes of color they bring to your rooms, but also the explosions of flavor they bring to their mouths.

Don't Forget First Aid

Put any group of people into a small space for long enough, and someone is guaranteed to get hurt. Whether it's kids scraping elbows playing, an uncle falling down after one-too-many, or Dad cutting himself while cooking, it's always a good idea to check your first-aid supplies to make sure you've got what you need for the Christmas season. For everything first-aid that you might need this holiday season, be sure to stop by Dollarwise. From band-aids to tenser bandage, gauze, disinfectant and more; Dollarwise has everything you need to keep the family healthy through Christmas and New Years.

Garbage Bags and Bins

Cleaning up after the family is no easy task, but it's made easier when you've got what you need to keep things clean! This Christmas, consider buying a few garbage bins to place all around the house, especially in high-traffic areas. By making it easier for your guests to keep things clean, you take the burden off yourself later, sparing the major cleanup after everyone has left.

Don't Forget Toiletries!

When you're hosting family for extended periods of time, every resource in the house is used up quicker. Running out of eggs is bad, but few things are worse than running out of toilet paper when the family is over for a few days. Before everyone gets to your place, make sure your place is ready for them! Head to Dollarwise to stock up on all the bathroom essentials, and spare yourself the hassle of dealing with the problem of running out.

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

No matter what you need for Christmas and New-Years, chances are you can find it at Dollarwise, and less than anywhere else. Head to Dollarwise and stock up on all your holiday essentials to make sure that this year goes off without a hitch!