Motivate Your Kids to Enjoy Schoolwork with these Tips!

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Take notes! Writing Something out is Equivalent to Reading it 7 Times!

If your child is having a hard time remembering things that from class it can be beneficial to have them write the information down. Whether it’s those tricky math problems or the grammar and spelling of particular words, studies show that if you write things down numerous times you will have an easier time remembering them. Save your children the stress and have them write down the information they want to learn - it will save you both headaches in the long run!

Use Music as Motivation

Depending on your child, using music as motivation can help them concentrate on the task at hand. Soothing and relaxing music can help your child concentrate while studying for that hard test or while writing an essay. Over time, as people become accustomed to listening to the same types of music/sounds while performing an activity, their brain begins to heavily associate that sound with that particular activity. This makes it easier for your child to jump right into “study mode” when that music is played in the future!

Always Have Yummy Study Snacks

Giving your children the option to grab healthy and fun study snacks will keep them motivated during long study times, while giving their brain the energy it needs. Having healthy snacks readily available will prevent your child from grabbing quick snacks that are not necessarily healthy for them. Studies that show the brain functions better when you eat healthy and natural food.

Try this fun after school snack:
Yogurt Filled Raspberries 
-Yogurt (any kind works)
-Alternatives to yogurt: peanut butter, melted chocolate

-Simply add the yogurt to the piping bag and gently squeeze into the raspberries.
-Using frozen raspberries can make the filling easier
- it will allow the raspberries to keep their shape when you’re filling them.
-Serve and enjoy 


Break Up Studying with Small, Energizing Breaks

There’s nothing worse than working through homework or tests for a long period of time without breaks! When you notice your child becoming agitated and frustrated it’s time for a break. A walk around the neighborhood, a short period of technology time, or just giving them time to relax can reenergize their mind, and improve their productivity. It’s important to create a healthy balance, especially if your child has been at school all day.

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