Money Saving Tips to Kick Start 2019

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Money saving tips to help you kick start a great year! Learn a few great solutions to your money problems. Learn more about couponing, budgeting, creating your own money jar and more.


While Dollarwise has unbeatable prices, there are some things you may need/want that aren’t on our shelves. Couponing is a fantastic way to save some extra money in 2019, and doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time. Look into local couponing websites, and local coupon books that can provide discounts on everything from travel, to eating out, groceries, and everything in between. Play your cards right and you can end up with almost 50% off the majority of your wants and needs this year!


The best way to start saving money is setting a realistic and attainable budget. A common mistake when budgeting is either leaving out expenses OR assuming you have more money to allocate to different categories than you actually do. They best way to start making a budget is to look at your last three months of spending. It will give you a better image and understanding of what you can allocate to each of your spending categories. From there, look at which items are essentials, and which areas you can reduce spending in while still living comfortably.

Money Jar

Saving up for something specific? Is it a new clothing item, trip, or maybe even a new TV? Make a DIY money jar using anything from a Tupperware, mason jar, cardboard box, or even an envelope. Every time you have spare cash, stick it in the jar. Keep accumulated spare cash or change until you have enough to purchase the item. If spare change takes too long, choose an amount that you can put in the jar every week and stick to that plan. Regular contributions of small amounts will make the process easier, and often are barely noticeable.

Use Reusable Products

The key to saving money on supplies is swapping out one-time use items with reusable ones. Reusable supplies allow you to accumulate less waste so you won’t by throwing things out after only one use. This will help you save money and it will also be environmentally friendly! 

First, replace plastic bags with plastic or glass containers. By using reusable containers, you will not only save money that you would usually spend on plastic bags but you will also be contributing to a better environment! 

Second, many cleaning products purchased at the store can be reused. This can include anything from gloves, mop heads, dusters, towels or other supplies. Paper towel costs can really add up and make for a ton of waste. Replace paper towel with reusable towels that you can wash. This will not only help you accumulate less waste, you’ll be saving a ton in the process! Stop by one of our locations to stock up on budget friendly reusable products!

Make a Grocery List Before Going to the Store

Writing down your grocery list before getting to the store can save you a significant amount of money. Going to the grocery store without a list can leave you wandering around the aisles putting unnecessary items into your basket. This simple tip can save you a ton of money and will help you decided what items you need vs items that you want. Many of the tips above can help you save money and improve your stress levels when it comes to your spending. Remember many items on your list may also be in stock at Dollarwise. Save big on regular items by coming into one of our stores. Everything from food, kitchen, bath, toys, beauty items, and many more can be found at your local Dollarwise!

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

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