Is It Too Early To Start Thinking About Christmas?

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While it is only November 23rd it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas and all the stress that comes with it. Luckily Dollarwise is here with 5 tips on how to reduce Christmas related stress so you can enjoy the holiday spirit with friends and family. So, sit back, read this blog and start planning your Christmas because with a blink of an eye it’s December 24th!


While this might seem like a shoe in for what you need to do before Christmas approaches, it’s best to plan. This can include keeping a journal, making a “to do” list, motivating your children to write their Christmas lists and so on. It is important to keep your planning short (1 week at a time) in order to reduce stress. You do not want to make a massive list of what you need to do for the rest of the month because this will most likely cause more stress than needed. Crossing things off your list is also a very satisfying feeling.

Print out a Calendar

Studies say that having a visual of the days left till Christmas can help you visualize what you have to do before December 24th. Printing out a calendar for the rest of the month of November and for the month of December will allow you to write down what you have to do each day in order to accomplish them. Printing out a calendar can also help you keep track of Christmas parties, your kids’s school events, kid’s Christmas parties and so on. You don’t want to forget any of these important dates and a calendar helps you plan each week out! You can also print out the calendar on nice paper, hang it on your wall in the kitchen, get your kids to decorate it and watch their excitement build as the big day approaches.

Christmas Craft Prepping

There are TONS of Christmas crafts you can do with your kids while they are home from school or on the weekend. Crafts can be a fun activity you can do with your kids while also making home made decorations for the house. Crafts are also a cheap way to make Christmas gifts for relatives, teachers and that special someone in your life. Don’t forget to visit Dollarwise for any of your craft supply needs!

Christmas Party or Christmas Dinner

Plan ahead of time when you want to host the Christmas Party or Christmas dinner and let people know! Once December hits, it seems like there’s a Christmas event every day of the week, therefore if you want to host a party make sure you let people know ahead of time so that everyone can make it! They will be happy with your early invite so that they can mark it on their calendar! If you take all of these tips into consideration then the Christmas Holidays will not be as stressful as years before. It’s important to take time to plan so that you can enjoy the Holidays as much as possible. While it may seem like it’s too early to start planning, don’t worry, it’s never too early!

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