Healthy Body, Healthy Mind- What You Can Do to Be the Healthiest YOU

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A new month means all the more reason to focus on your health (both physical and mental). Keep reading and check out small things you can change to improve your mental or physical wellbeing. Whether its prepping meals before a busy workweek, or taking a few minutes to reflect on how you’re feeling throughout the day - try these tips and tricks to keep you and your loved ones feeling energized and healthy!

Meal Prep Sundays

One of the best ways to stay on top of eating healthy is making sure you have healthy food available at all times. It’s extremely easy to stop for fast food after a busy day, especially when your kids are being fussy. If you have pre made food in your fridge at all times, dinner time at your house will be stress free and ensure you and your kids are getting a healthy meal. Taking a day on the weekend to plan your meals for the week, and cooking them in advance will help you to eat healthy, quickly, without needing to mentally exert too much effort.

Set aside time once a week to prepare a number of different vegetables, cut up fruit, and protein sources such as cooked meats and nuts. Split these into breakfast, lunches, and dinners, and store in the fridge. Having these pre-made meals available when the hunger pains strike will make it much easier to snack quickly, while rewarding your body with healthy, nutritious foods!

Try this meal prep idea: 

  • Buy 5 identical containers
  • Prepare a protein of your choice (beef, tofu, chicken, fish)
  • Prepare brown rice
  • Cut up a bunch of different vegetable (raw or cooked)
  • Once the rice is cooked place a layer of rice into each container
  • Then place your protein into each container (about half of the container)
  • Fill the rest of your container with the vegetables
  • Add a sauce of your choice
  • Place in the fridge for your lunches each day


Physical health and mental health go hand in hand, and pausing your work for a 5-minute brain break will improve your wellbeing in the long run. Checking in on yourself and your stress level helps you become more aware of your mental state, overall improving your mental health. Activities like yoga and meditation are proven to decrease stress levels, improve mood, and provide the added benefit of physical exercise. Making these breaks and mindfulness activities part of your daily routine not only helps reduce your stress levels, but will lead to an overall happier, healthier you!


Taking a 10-15 minute walk after dinner is proven to help with digestion and stress relief. Making this into a family outing and part of your household routine will not only benefit you, but also the lives of your loved ones. A quick walk not only improves your mood, but also gives you some quality time with your family and an opportunity to check in on how they’re doing. Life is short, and taking the time out of your day to prioritize both your and their health should be a priority!

Spending Quality Time with Family & Friends

While making it part of your routine to go for walks with family is important, even spending non-active time with family & friends is extremely beneficial for your mental health. Studies show that spending time with the ones you love improves overall happiness, reduces stress, and improves overall life outlook. One study by Oxford University even suggests that men need a minimum of two nights a week with their friends to maintain good health!

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