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Common first-aid items are very frequently overpriced. Brand names will leverage their reputation and advertising budget to raise the price of their products, but the generic options work just the same! From painkillers to gauze, bandages and more, save your money and get the same value at Dollarwise.

1 - Bandages

If you've got kids, chances are you go through these pretty quickly. Purchasing and re-purchasing big brand names provides you no more value than value brands, but over time costs quite a bit more money. Take advantage of the deals available at Dollarwise and stock up on bandages of every shape and size for less!

2 - Painkillers

Big brands like Tylenol and Advil use the same chemicals as any other painkiller, but package and present their products in such a way that they can increase the price. By choosing instead to simply purchase general ibuprofen, you can get identical pain-killing ability for significantly less. Whether you're looking for help with migranes, back-pain, foot-pain, or anything else; you can find the painkiller you need for less at Dollarwise.

3 - Tensor Bandage

Tensor bandage is incredible helpful when you have sore joints from a sprain or consistent use. Often families will go without this valuable resource because, at big-box stores, it can be expensive. Fortunately, all it takes is knowing where to go to get the best deals in Barbados to accelerate the healing of your injured wrists, ankles, knees, and more. Simply head down to your nearest Dollarwise and grab some tensor bandage for next time you have a sprain or joint pain.

4 - Sanitizer

Whether you prefer alcohol, bactine, hydrogen peroxide, or anything else for cleaning cuts and scrapes; you can find it at the best prices at Dollarwise. Don't overspend on a brand name that will sell you the exact same product in a fancy bottle when you can save your money by stocking up at Dollarwise.

5 - Surgical Tape

Medical tape is seriously useful for those that know how to use it. Good for holding wounds closed and keeping gauze applied, most aren't aware that surgical tape has other functions as well! White because it contains Zinc Oxide, surgical tape is hypoallergenic and reduces the probability of infection by continuously sanitizing itself and anything it touches.

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

Build your entire home first-aid kit for less at Dollarwise. By taking advantage of the best prices in Barbados, you can get everything you need in one place, for less, and stock up to prevent having to buy again and again. Simply head to your nearest Dollarwise and get the best deals available on health supplies.