Having Trouble Getting Your Kids to be Active? Here are a Few Great Ideas to get Them Moving

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It can be tough getting your kids outside and active when technology is such a prominent part of our everyday lives, but it’s important to remember that setting a good example should be on the top of your “to do” list. Here are some tips on getting the kids outside to get some exercise, and how to get them to put their technology aside for an hour or two.

Set an Example

Your kids are always watching you – what you eat, what you say, and how you interact with your friends and family. The first tip is to set an example by leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Show them the importance of eating healthy and exercising by going for runs or walks after dinner, spending time outside, and even joining a gym. If your kids see how happy you are being active then they are more likely to copy your behavior. It can also be effective to sit your children down and discuss the importance of being active and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Workout Together

Make it a routine to go workout together at least once a week. It can be as simple as going to the beach and running, or even just walking by the water! If you make it a family outing then they are more likely to feel motivated to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Nothing better than being active together, plus you get that extra time with your kids!

Go for Walks After Dinner

Studies show that going for walks after dinner can help digest food and burn more calories. It’s also nice to get some fresh air after a long day to clear your mind from the day’s stresses. This is also a good opportunity to bond with your children and learn about their day. You are able to be active while being productive about their mental and physical health!

Start Walking/ Running to School

Is your child’s school a couple blocks away but you’ve got into the habit of driving them every morning? Make it a new goal to walk or run to school with each other at least once a week. This is a great way to start the day on a happy and healthy note while getting some fresh air. Walking is very therapeutic and will set your children up for a very productive day at school.

Playing with Friends Outside

Motivating your children to go outside and enjoy the fresh air with friends is a great way to convince your kids to be active. Push them to go outside and start a friendly game of soccer or catch with the neighborhood friends and they will be running around having fun for hours! 

While these are only a couple tips, it’s important to lead a healthy and active lifestyle with your kids. Taking time out of your day to be healthy is never a bad thing but it’s something people often forget. Try these tips today with help from Dollarwise!

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