Going to beach? Dollarwise has you covered with some tips and tricks to make the most of your day!

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Time to hit the beach! Beach days are a lot of fun and super relaxing…if done right. If the kids are coming along it can mean a bit of extra prep in order to get everything planned and organized. Planning a beach trip with your kids can be a lot of work but with proper organization it can be a breeze! Here are 6 tips and tricks to ensure your beach day goes by without a hitch.

Sun Protection

It is so very is so very important to stay protected from the harmful UV rays. Before heading to the beach, make sure you’re stocked up on sun block, hats, umbrellas and sunglasses. If you’re missing a few items, make sure to stop in at Dollarwise for an amazing assortment of items to help you stay covered.

Pack Fun Snacks

Pack a full cooler with all of your kid’s (and your) favorite drinks and snacks. Packing your own lunch will help if your kids are picky eaters and saves you from buying lunch at the beach and spending unnecessary money. It’s also important to stay hydrated especially if it’s a hot and sunny day so pack lots of water. For an extra special treat head on over to Dollarwise and stock up on Kool-Aid for only $13.50.

Arrive Prepared With Beach Games

An easy way to keep your kids busy at the beach is by playing simple beach games with them! Tennis balls and soccer balls take up minimal space and are a fun way to include everyone in the fun! Start a soccer game with the family or other kids at the beach; the kids (and adults) will be busy for hours. Everyone also loves playing Frisbee, especially in the water, so don’t forget to pack one!

Keep Things Cool

Skip out on buying ice packs from the store, instead fill water balloons with water and freeze them to make ice packs. The ice will keep your food and drinks cold and once the ice melts it makes for a fun water balloon fight later on to cool off!

Make a Perfect Nap Spot

Need a place for your youngest child to have their mid-day nap? Dig a hole in the sand and fill it with towels – this makes for a great beach nap spot for babies (or adults). Pack a beach umbrella as well to provide your kids with extra shade especially on those very sunny days. Using these 6 tips will ensure that your beach day runs perfectly; all you have to do is pick the perfect day and hope there is no rain the forecast!

Safety First

It’s important to be prepared just incase someone gets hurt or sick. Always pack a First Aid Kit or Beach Kit stocked with Band-Aids, icepacks, bandages and extra sunscreen. Packing everything into a plastic container will ensure it stays clean and dry. You can never be too prepared!