Going Green - Living Healthier & Helping the Environment

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There are endless ways to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle that also benefits the environment.  Adding fresh, pesticide free foods to your diet, making a conscious effort to recycle, and committing to a regular exercise routine are perfect examples of strategies you can adopt that take little effort, have tremendous benefits to your personal health, and will allow you to live a more sustainable, greener lifestyle.

Create a Plan

Draw or print out a calendar and gather the family to plan out your new lifestyle. Create a list of things you want to start doing; exercising more, cooking more home cooked meals, replacing plastic with reusable containers etc. Add them to your calendar or designate a day of the week to complete each task. Once you dive into your new routine, adding tasks and new activities as you go, it will become second nature, and you and your family will start seeing differences in the way you feel and the contribution you are making to better the environment.

Swap out Single Use Plastic

If you can, try to avoid single use plastic items, such as plastic grocery bags, straws and sandwich bags. Try switching out items with reusable options. Try using reusable plastic containers, linen, mesh, canvas bags or even cardboard boxes to transport your groceries from the store to your home.  Over time your plastic contribution will decrease and ensure that there is less plastic ending up landfill, and potentially in areas that are damaging to our environment.

Save Energy

A great way to live greener is to save as much electricity and water as you can. Simple things like turning off the water as you brush your teeth or turning off the light when you leave the room can make a huge difference. Take advantage of natural light by opening the blinds and curtains throughout the day to minimize the use of lights, and if you are running your air conditioner in the summer, ensure all windows are completely closed. Make it a family effort by trying to find out all the creative ways you can minimize the amount of water waste and electricity you use throughout the day. If the entire family joins in, you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint!

Plan a Community Clean Up

Time to get outside, come together as a community, and tackle a few clean up spots that need attention. Planning a community clean up can be a great way to bring a few important environmental concerns to light. Go around a few designated spots like beaches and parks and clean up garbage and left behind items.

Even minor things count when it comes to living a healthier and greener life. Whether it’s just one person, or the entire neighbourhood, every

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