Everything you need to host a fun backyard party with Dollarwise

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Thinking about hosting a fun backyard party for your children or even for your friends? Well Dollarwise has you covered with plenty of supplies to create your own Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts and games that will WOW your friends and family. From cute place settings, to twinkle lights and games that will keep your guests occupied, get ready to be the talk of the town after your next backyard party!

Chic Candle Table Center Pieces

Try a couple of these sparkling light centrepieces on your table, patio, or garden to brighten up a dark night.
Step 1: Layer glass gems and beads at the bottom of different sized mason jars.
Step 2: Fill the rest of the mason jar with water.
Step 3: Place a floating candle into each mason jar filled with water.
Step 5: Finish off this chic look with tying ribbon or hemp twine around the neck of the jar. Decorate as desired and enjoy!

DIY Bottle Ring Toss

This is a fun game for children and adults that you can make using recycled items as well as supplies from Dollarwise!
Step 1: Collect 7-10 empty bottles and paint them various colours. Distinguish how many points for each bottle.
Step 2: Place the painted bottles into a medium sized wooden crate. Decorate the crate as desired using various painting supplies.
Step 3: Set up the ring toss game and begin to play! Throw the rings at the bottles to score points. Have fun!

Wheelbarrow Beer and Wine Holder

Hosting an adult only party? Fill an old (clean) wheelbarrow with lots of ice and fill it with nice cold beverages for your guests. String twinkle lights around the wheelbarrow to make it shine in the dark night! You can also add twinkle lights around your backyard attached to stakes to really set the mood for your wonderful backyard party! Guests will enjoy your rustic taste and adding more light in your backyard will allow the party to continue even after the sun goes down

Make your own Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Is your child’s birthday coming up and you know their friends love running around while completing a challenge? Why not set up your own scavenger hunt for your child’s party! Buy various supplies and candy from Dollarwise and hide them around your backyard. Give your party guests various clues and allow them to run around and collect the prizes! You will have happy kids and your child will be the talk of school on Monday morning. 

What ever your ides are Dollarwise has you covered with any supplies you need for your next backyard party! We hope you can try some of these DIYs to ensure that you have a successful party that people will be talking about for weeks! Don’t hesitate to  stop by your local Dollarwise for all your party needs!

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