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If you are lucky enough to have found your soulmate and made the commitment to marry them, then you know how important it is to celebrate that decision each year when your wedding anniversary comes around. You both have committed to spending that special day each year reminiscing about your wedding day, the memories you have made and shared, and setting aside some couple’s time to rekindle your love and recall all the reasons you made your lifelong promise to one another.  

Another Way to Celebrate

Celebrating wedding anniversaries can be expensive. After all the fancy gifts, pricey lunch and/or dinner meals, mini-getaway vacations, and special anniversary date arrangements, your bank account just might be praying for some relief. Rather than spending another year overspending what you either do not have or prefer not to part with, why not consider celebrating this year’s wedding anniversary using an affordable DIY approach? After all, what better way to tell your significant other that you love them by making a special gift using your own creativity and your two hands? With these great Dollarwise ideas and approaches, your spouse will be glad that you made their gift and opted for a thoughtful, rather than expensive, store-bought memento.

“I Love You Cards” for Every Week of the Year

With 52 weeks in any given year, its likely safe to say that you probably could give your loved one 52 reasons for cherishing them. Why not convey your 52 reasons by repurposing a deck of playing cards that you can find at your local Dollarwise location? In order to do so, you will need to also purchase a black pen or permanent marker (we recommend a fine tip) so that you can write your loving message. Once you’ve purchased that, put that pen to paper and write one reason for loving your partner on every card. You can then gift your spouse this special deck on your anniversary date, and follow up the reveal with a friendly game. Not only will this game give you the opportunity to recall special memories that you both have shared, but it will also give you special moments to remind your loved one the reasons you initially fell in love.

Love-You Notes in A Bottle

Along with 52 weeks in a year, there are also 365 days in that given year. What if you not only had 52 reasons for loving your spouse, but you could recall 365? If you have that many reasons to be thankful for love, you might consider making a 365 Love Notes Jar to write up all the reasons you continue to hold your soulmate so dear.  In order to put together your DIY creation, you will need a glass jar, pen and small pieces of paper — all of which can be found at your local Dollarwise location. First, if you have purchased regular sized printer paper, be sure to cut your paper into small stripes (a total of 365) that you can write a sentiment on for every day of the year. It’s always great to pick paper that is colourful to add extra zing to your inspired DIY project. Then, on each strip, write down either a special quote about love, relationships or marriage, a special message based on inside knowledge you share, a creative date night idea, or a feeling you hold for your spouse deep in your heart. Then take those 365 strips, fold them in half and fill your jar with your love notes. Once you are done, store it away in a secret hiding spot until your anniversary arrives. But remember — don’t open all your notes at once! Instead, store your jar on your nightstand, living room table, or bathroom or kitchen counter and be sure to pull out a paper strip each day to read and share. Not only is this a great anniversary gift, but it is the gift that keeps giving — giving for exactly 365 days!

Find It at Dollarwise

These ideas are pretty easy to make, and are especially cost effective. Getting married is an expensive affair, but with the help of Dollarwise, the memories won't hurt your pocketbook.