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While memories are surely what last once the party is over, a great party also requires documentation. Whether using a video camera, a professional photographer’s camera, or your personal device’s camera, capturing the moments as they happen will ensure that they will be memories you can look through far after you have experienced them. If you much prefer posed moments over casual ones, why not consider dedicating a special space at your party venue where all your guests can pose for pictures and video?

What is a DIY Photo Backdrop?

While every photo-and-video-worthy party deserves a dedicated space to pose for the camera, creating a Photo Backdrop can be expensive if you decide to go the vendor route. This is why we recommend making a DIY Photo Backdrop using Dollarwise materials. Not only can you put a personalized touch on your work of art, but you will also be able to save endless dollars why doing so.

Save by Creating Your Own

But don’t be afraid of the job! Creating your own photo booth and custom backdrop display is simpler and more affordable than you may think. All you will need to do is travel to your local Dollarwise, decide on any colours or themes that you would like to use to inspire your DIY backdrop, pick up a few items, and set aside some free time for assembly. So how do you put together your own DIY photo backdrop? Here are the very easy, step-by-step directions to the no-hassle assembly:

Select Colour Theme and Plan Space

First, be sure to plan ahead by selecting a colour theme or party theme and use these small inspirations to plan out how you will decorate your backdrop. Second, before your party day, be sure to plan ahead and clear out a space to hold your backdrop. We advise picking an empty, spacious wall at your venue for your photo booth. The more space you have the better — especially if you are looking to capture big group photos.

Your Guests Will Love These Backdrops

Third, set up your backdrop display directly onto the wall (or piecing together thin paper boards that you can then easily attach to the wall) by using matching paper streamers, banners, balloons, pom-poms, coloured rope, wrapping paper, beads, sparkles, coloured tape, and glue as needed. Fourth, during your event, let your attendees know of your backdrop (you can even make a colourful sign directing them to it) in hopes that they will flock toward your photo booth to pose for the many awaiting cameras. Not only is this activity a whole lot of fun — but it’s a great way to pass the time while the guests wait for the party to get underway.

Selfies, Snapshots and More

Finally, you can either ask that guests use their own cameras to take the photos, set up a camera of your own on a tripod, or leave disposable cameras nearby for guests to use. We are sure that once given one of those three options, guests will start snapping photos right away. You might even consider letting your guests know of a party hashtag that way they can all use it to post their photo on social media as well as locate the photos that others have posted as well!

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

No matter your DIY needs and desires, you can find it for cheaper at Dollarwise. Be sure to visit the location nearest you.