Everything You Need for Barbados’ Birthday!

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November 30th is just a month away!

Make sure you have everything you need for the festivities by stocking up at your nearest Dollarwise with these supplies:

Barbados Flag

With flags in all shapes and sizes at consistently rock-bottom prices, you can put your Barbados pride on display at home, in the car, and carry it on the go.

Consider placing a few flags in your hat as you spend time out-and-about on the 30th and the days leading up to our nations 50th birthday! There’s no better way than to put your pride on display than by adorning yourself with the flag of our beautiful nation.

Party Supplies

Staying in with friends and family to celebrate our 50th? Make sure you have everything you need to throw an incredible party by stocking up on paper plates, disposable cutlery, punch bowls, and more.

Don’t forget that everything you need to decorate your home for a party worthy of our nation’s 50th is available at Dollarwise! Runners, streamers, balloons, gift bags and more are all available in plentiful supply; and always at the lowest prices to ensure you don’t have to overspend to celebrate our incredible nation’s birthday.


Soda, condiments, candy, hotdog buns, etc. All the staples of celebratory party cuisine are available at the lowest prices at Dollarwise.

When you’re buying in quantity, it’s always best to make sure you’re paying the lowest price-per-unit, and at Dollarwise, you can rest easy knowing that low prices are guaranteed.

Don’t overspend on entertaining essentials by making sure you stock up on all the food you need for Barbados’ 50th at Dollarwise.

Outdoor Essentials.

If you and the family are headed out and about for Barbados’ 50th, make sure you stock up on everything you might need. Water, sunscreen, flip-flops, sunglasses, hats, and more are all available at Dollarwise at the lowest prices available.
There’s no need to overspend on having a great time on the 30th so long as you know what’s available at Dollarwise.

Everything You Need, For Less, At Dollarwise.

Dollarwise commits to providing the people of Barbados the absolute lowest prices on essentials. When it comes to celebrating our 50th, make sure you don’t overspend by purchasing everything you need at your nearest Dollarwise.
From party goods, to food and condiments, supplies for a day out-and-about and more; get the absolute best deals on party essentials by taking a trip to your nearest Dollarwise.