Back to School Tips – Create a Space for Creativity and Productivity

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The first day of school is just around the corner, one or more of your kids may be starting a new grade or even a new school. Change can be tough, especially a change in routine. After a couple of months off it can be hard to bounce back and kick start a new routine; with homework, waking up for class ore just getting into school mode. 

There are many different things you can do to get back into the school routine. Whether it’s easing into your new routine, practicing homework questions, or heading to bed a bit earlier, any little change can help before jumping back into school time. One thing that can be great to help your kids get into the school head frame is by creating a space for them to dedicate to their school work.  

A spot where they can go after school, sit down and get their homework completed. Having this spot to go to will create a great routine and work ethic for your kids, no matter what age or school grade they are in. Giving them a space with enough table room for anything, small assignments to projects and crafts. Providing your kids with this space will allow them to excel in school. Learn how to make the best work station for your kids with these creative ideas.

Organize Your Supplies

Fill cups, mason jars, mugs, small bins or any other small containers with school supplies for a perfect organization station. Any homework/project station needs to be kept organized. Line up different containers in a row and fill with different supplies. From pencils, markers, erasers, craft supplies and more. The possibilities are endless to organize your supplies!

Write it Down

Above every work station needs a spot to write things down on. It could be a chalk board, white board, big calendar or cork board. Having a spot where you can write down tasks, brainstorm ideas, fill out your schedule or pin things up on will help to organize your tasks, thoughts and ideas.

Practice Sheets

Learning new subjects or working at something you aren’t the best at can be tough on yours or your kid’s confidence. Try printing out work sheets and store them in shelves or drawers at the work station. Have your kids practice these work sheets, a little every day to help improve their skills and build their confidence. Storing these work sheets at the homework station can give them something small to work at every day.

Back to School Supplies

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The possibilities are endless when creating your homework space.

Check out our Pinterest Page for more homework station ideas to help get you or your kids back into the school routine.

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