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Want a great way to show appreciation to your employees, teammates or co-workers? How about five ways?! Staff deserve to be celebrated more than once a year, and we’ve got some great, affordable ideas for you to brighten your team’s day. It doesn’t take much time or money, and your efforts will be much appreciated in return.

Ready to boost morale? Here we go!

1 - Make Staff Shout-Out Boards

Shout-out boards are a great way to show everyone that you’re thinking about them, that every person in your organization is important. Think of a staff member who has been doing a phenomenal job lately, or someone who has helped you out. Grab a sticky note and write down a compliment. Post it on a cardboard poster that you’ve put on the wall, with “Staff Shout-Outs” prominently written at the top. Now watch the smiles go around your workplace. You’ll be smiling, too, as productivity and morale go up, and your workplace takes on a happier atmosphere.

2 - Give Out Prizes

A prize can be anything from a trophy or medal to a special desk decoration or fun memento. Start off your next team meeting by presenting the prize to someone you think is deserving of recognition. Every month, in a team meeting or at your next employee event, let the person who last earned the prize present it to someone he or she chooses to recognize next. It doesn’t have to be much, just enough to show recognition and let your teammates know that their effort is valued.

3 - Write Thank-You Cards

As simple as this one may sound, a hand-written card goes a long way. Doesn’t it seem like people don’t write nearly as much today as we used to? That’s how you can make a difference, by standing out. Did this person go the extra mile on a project or provide outstanding service to a customer? Take a few minutes out of the day to write your heartfelt appreciation on a thank-you card. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how a little gesture like this can have such an impact.

4 - Go All Out on Birthdays

In addition to celebrating the everyday things, don’t forget about birthdays! Birthdays are a big deal and they should be celebrated at work in a big way. Go out to lunch, sign a birthday card, bring a cake, or give a present… better yet, do all of these things! If you have a large team and a lot of birthdays, consider celebrating them monthly. Set aside one day to celebrate everyone whose birthday falls within that month. People love to celebrate birthdays, be it their own or someone else's. Keep the atmosphere festive!

5 - Surprise Your Staff Constantly

Surprises are quite possibly the most fun way to show employee appreciation! Bring in donuts and coffee, let them clock out early, give out small gifts or gift cards, or plan a casual day. You know your team best, so choose a surprise they’ll love the most. Careful, though; don't keep doing the same 'surprise' too much, otherwise it won't be a surprise anymore. Keep mixing things up!

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