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Do you find yourself throwing away used socks? Maybe they’ve gotten worn down, with holes in them and strings and threads pulling off? Or, maybe one is a perfectly good sock – and the other has mysteriously gone missing? So frustrating, right? Well, now you can keep your socks away from the dustbin – with handy tips from Dollarwise that will give a new life and new purpose for your lonely, old socks.

1- Sweeper Covers

You can use one of those tired, old socks (or a mismatched, lonely one) to cover sweeper mops for affordable cleaning that’s easy on the wallet and around the home. Save money by ditching expensive sweeper cover refills for this inexpensive alternative hack. Simply cut your sock to fit as needed and clean just as you normally would. When you’re finished, remove the sock and toss it in the trash or in the washing machine to use again for another day of cleaning.

2- Dry-Erase Board Cleaners

Run out of white-board erasers? Don’t want to buy more? No problem! Did you know that you can use socks to wipe your boards clean instead? Indeed you can! You can roll or fold the sock, or wrap it around the eraser for easier holding. When you’re done, simply throw it in the trash (but that’s a little sad still) or put in the laundry to reuse (much better).

3 - Ice Pack Covers

Ice packs are a time-tested remedy for all kinds of aches and pains. But the chill? Ohh, that chill! Take the chill off with a sock cover. Freeze your ice pack and when it’s ready to be used, then slip it into a sock before applying to skin. Covering your ice packs not only makes application more comfortable, but it can help protect your skin and your family’s skin from extreme cold, too.

4 - Neck Warmer

Take a clean knee-high sock and fill it with old rice or something similar. Tie off the open end into a knot. Then, place the rice-filled sock in your microwave and heat it for two to four minutes. Remove the sock and place it around your neck, on your arm or leg – anywhere you have an aching muscle. When it cools down, reheat as needed.

5 - Sock Stress Balls

Stress balls are quite simple to make! You’ll only need three items (well, four items: the sock + three items): a colorful sock, Play-Doh®, plastic wrap, and a rubber band. Mold the Play-Doh® into a ball, then wrap it completely in plastic wrap. Cut the sock to size, place the wrapped Play-Doh® inside of the sock, and then tie it closed with a rubber band. Keep them at your office, in the car, and at home… and give it a squeeze when you find yourself in a stressful situation or need a “thinking” moment.

6 - Bonus! Sock Puppets!!

We said five ways. But here's one more... a bonus! Remember back to your youth (not that you’re not young now, of course) when you’d make a hand puppet out of a used sock? This can provide entertainment for kids at home, in a classroom, or at birthday parties! Let kids craft their own puppets using glue, googly eyes, markers, beads, sequins, ribbon, and more. Give them youth-sized socks to decorate, and join the fun by making your own adult-sized sock puppet. Then put on a show! Rainy day? Alleviate the boredom with a sock puppet show!

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There are many other ways to give life to those old socks, so get creative! And feel free to let us know if you come up with some great, new ways! Stop by your local Dollarwise store and get the goods to make those socks great again!