5 Ways To Organize Your Life With Dollar Store Items

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Life has a way of getting messy, especially when you don’t have effective systems of organization. Buying dedicated organizers can get expensive, but with a little creativity and a trip to Dollarwise, you can re-purpose common dollar store items to make things easy for yourself. Find out how:

1- Organize Nail Polish With a Spice Rack

Bottles of nail polish have a way of accumulating. You buy colors you love, but nobody uses a bottle until it’s empty before buying a new color!

To prevent your bathroom or vanity from overflowing, you can spend just a few dollars on a spice rack and some screws, attack the rack to your bedroom or bathroom wall (wherever you keep your nail polish!) and free your surfaces from your growing nail polish collection!

2- Stair Baskets For Loose Toys

Kid’s toys have a way of spreading throughout the house, and travelling up and down stairs to find them and put them where they belong can be a chore.

To save time and energy, and reduce clutter throughout your home, simply place a series of 2-3 baskets on your stairs, one for each room. Whenever your family goes upstairs, all they have to do is grab the basket associated with the room they’re headed to, and de-cluttering takes care of itself!

3 -Craft Container For Hair Pins, Elastics, etc.

Hair supplies have a way of spreading throughout the house, because rarely do they ever have a system dedicated to keeping them in one place.

All it takes to prevent the mess they can cause, and ensure that you’ve always got one at-hand when needed, it to head to Dollarwise and pick up a craft box. Usually these are used to store craft materials like beads, string, etc; but they can easily be re-purposed to store your pins, elastics, clips, and more!

4- Cereal-Container Car Trash Can.

Cereal is always kept freshest when stored in a dedicated container, but did you know they can keep your car fresh as well?

Simply purchase a cereal container with an easily openable lid, place a small garbage bag in it, put it in your car, and you’ll never have to worry about garbage in your car again! Make sure to keep a few extra bags at the bottom of the bin underneath the open garbage bag, so that every time you throw out a full garbage bag, you’ll have replacements ready!

5- Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer to Keep Car Essentials Accessible

Hanging shoe organizers are great for the car, especially for young families! Instead of hanging them on the back of a door, simply hang them off the back of one of your car seats. Keeping wipes, water bottles, books, and toys in them means they’re always accessible and never cluttering your vehicle.

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