4 Ideas for Family Fun With Dollarwise Crafts

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Saving on everyday items is a satisfying experience on its own, but by adding an element of family fun, you can also create memories and keepsakes that last a lifetime. Next time you’re visiting Dollarwise, consider these 4 ideas to save and create family fun.

1) Use Rubber Stamps On White T-Shirts

Rubber stamps are plentiful at Dollarwise. With many designs to choose from, not to mention every color of ink and paint imaginable, all it takes is finding some white t-shirts to have everything you need for a fun family arts-and-crafts project. Let the kids pick the stamps and colors they want, and watch as they express their creativity on a T-shirt!

2) DIY Décor – Custom Family Items

Does each member of your family have a specific spot at the dinner table? If those chairs are looking a little worse-for-wear, or if you think repainting them could add to the look of your kitchen, consider allowing each member of the family to custom-paint theirs as they see fit with Dollarwise paints. The fun of personalizing their own chair will not only be a memory to last a lifetime, but each chair will be a life-long keepsake reflecting the unique character of each family member.

3) Collaborative Cooking

Family cooking has always been a fulfilling way to spend family time, and with Dollarwise these experiences are easy to access. Whether you’re looking to share the experience of cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, or any other meal; every ingredient and tool you could possibly need is available at Dollarwise at the best prices in all of Barbados.

4) Great Gifts

Whether its Christmas, a birthday, a holiday, or just a regular Wednesday; family crafts are one of the best ways to create deeply meaningful gifts for those you love, guaranteed to be prized for a lifetime.

Dad got a promotion at the office? Get the kids together and have everyone work together to create a custom mug to show him how proud you are and how much you love him. Fill it with his favorite treats for an added touch!

Moms birthday coming up? Head to Dollarwise to get everything you need to make her birthday special. Custom gift wrap, gift tags, party materials and more are all available with a quick walk down our aisles. All it takes is a little creativity to bring them together, and you can create birthday memories guaranteed to last forever.

Family Fun From Dollarwise

Whether its unique gifts, a recipe for the family, décor for the home, crafty clothing, or any other arts-and-crafts project for the family; everything you need to create afternoons full of joy and memories to last a lifetime is available at your nearest Dollarwise!