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Happy April! 

A new month is the perfect time for a fresh start! A time to get yourself organized and ready for a month full of healthy decisions, saving money, staying organized and stress free. Sometimes your life can feel like it has gone completely off track, and it can make you feel stressed out. Sometimes all it takes is a couple small changes in order to get you back on track. Here are a few ideas to help kick start your April and set yourself up to have the best month.

1. Health Kick

Start this new month healthy! Eating healthier and adding exercise to your daily routine will give you more energy, boost your productivity and make you feel great. Make the commitment to be healthy and build fitness into your schedule. Join a fitness class or start adding a 15-minute walk to your everyday routine! To work on your eating, start meal planning at the beginning of the week, this will decrease the amount of times you are eating out or stopping to buy food. You can start small and continue to add healthier foods to your grocery cart or more exercise every week. You will start to see improvements in no time and feel great while you do it!

2. Budgeting

Do you find you are spending too much money on things you don’t need? Time to rethink your spending and start budgeting better. Setting a budget at the beginning of each month will help you save money and keep you on track. Write down how much money you need to allocate to different areas throughout the month and put some aside for special outings or activities. Remember you can always stop in at Dollarwise for affordable products to suit any of your needs.

3. Declutter

Out with the old and in with the new! Every month is a good month to declutter and do a little cleaning. Start a month of success by being organized and tidying up. Start room by room and little by little sort through your items. Decide what you want to keep, donate or throw away. This is a perfect way to make sure your mind is clear for the month ahead.

4. Stress Free

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Sometimes life can get extremely busy and you may feel caught up in everything you have to do. It is so important to take care of yourself and let yourself relax sometimes. Here are some great ideas to destress.Take some time for yourself, read a book or go for a walk, a little fresh air can make you feel so much better. Take a break from technology or put your earphones in and listen to your favourite music album. It is all about taking a little time for yourself.

There you have it, four amazing tips to set you up for a successful April!

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