Wedding DIY’s That Are Sure To Dazzle Your Guests

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Weddings can be a burdensome expense — particularly if you are looking to conceptualize venue decor and event details that are Pinterest inspired and magazine shoot worthy. The wedding industry is such that to put on a picture perfect day, you have got to have either really deep pockets, or a lot of creativity and spare time to dedicate to making many of the high end ideas on your own to save some dollars and cents. But be not afraid — with so many DIY options out there, it is completely possible to put together a memorable wedding day on a reasonable budget without sacrificing your vision or compromising your budget and bank account.  With these really great five DIY ideas, the help of family, friends and your bridal party, and a trip down a few Dollarwise aisles, we are sure that you can put together the wedding of your dreams. From center pieces, to wedding favours, to cake and cookies displays, you can count on Dollarwise to have everything you need in order to put together all the details of your special day.  Here are a few of our coveted ideas for this upcoming wedding season:

1 - Gold-Leaf Vases

For this option, you will need a plain glass vase, faux leaves (that you can pick off a branch of faux flowers), hot glue, gold paint and paintbrushes (or sponges). Once you finish hand-painting your leaves, you can tack them on your vase in whichever pattern suits your fancy. We recommend also adding water and tea light candles on the day of so that you can put these vases to use as table center pieces.

2 - Topiaries

Topiaries are the perfect way to add colour (particularly your wedding theme colours) to your decor, and helping guests get to their tables. Yes, these mini-topiaries can serve as an accent for a seating card display or if small enough, you can nestle your table card numbers in a the topiaries themselves. We recommend crafting them from materials such as: foam balls, faux flowers, paint (if you would prefer the change flower colours), and sparkles.

3 - Hurricane Lanterns

One of the most exciting ways to add colour to your special day is to assemble a collection of hurricane lanterns filled with the flickering lights of pillar candles. In lieu of a professional display, which we are willing to bet would cost a incredibly high amount of money (that you most likely would prefer to spend elsewhere or not at all), we recommend dedicating a weekend’s worth of time to assemble these beauties with the help of family, friends, and your bridal party. Who says that DIY projects have to be solo projects? Making hurricanes can be a fantastic way to create wedding decor while also carving out some social time in your calendar. Two birds, one stone!

4 - Mason Jar Globes

Who says that mason jars only have to be used for canned goods or BBQ drinks? With this great DIY suggestion, you can also use these family favourite pieces to bring wedding decor to life. These mason jar snow globes will help you create an ethereal and magical aesthetic that you can easily decorate your head table, guest tables and receiving table with. All you will need to assemble these beauties is a set of mason jars, water, and a waterproof item (preferably made out of plastic) that can be adhered to the mason jar lid and can sit in the water for the length of time of pre-wedding creation and on the day itself!

5 - Flower Boxes

Are you planning on a wedding travel theme? Or a wedding where your guests have to travel to be present? Why not consider making decor that has travel in mind? We have the perfect idea — mini suitcases to hold a special bouquet of flowers. In order to make these cute accessories you will need small wooden boxes, paint (that matches your colour theme), paint brushes, coloured tape (to make the lining and straps of the suitcase), tacks (to create the impression of suitcase buttons and rivets) and foam (to construct the handle). Once you’ve constructed and decorated the boxes, you can them fill them with either faux or real flowers that match your decor theme or bridal bouquets.

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