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Valentines day can be a struggle. Every year, it seems to come faster than the last, and often we can find that we've got no idea what gift to give our significant other as the day approaches! Spare yourself the stress and trouble by considering these creative ideas from Dollarwise.

1) Care-Package Coffee Cup

What is your partner all about? What do they like?

This year, instead of struggling to find 'the perfect gift' for your coffee-loving significant-other, consider heading to Dollarwise and making the perfect gift. All it takes is grabbing your choice of coffee mugs off our shelf, and wandering the store in search of items to fill it with! 

Maybe your partner likes to cook. Consider grabbing a whisk from our kitchen section, or a small cutting board to present your gift on.

Consider including a small stuffed animal to increase the cute-factor of your gift. A little bear can be the perfect way to say 'I Love You'.

Does your partner have a sweet-tooth? Dollarwise has a large selection of candy, and a coffee cup overflowing with candy aesthetically explodes with color!

The options at Dollarwise are limited only by your imagination. Once you've sufficiently filled your cup, make sure you pick the perfect card to compliment your gift, and be sure to check our arts-and-crafts section for ribbons and other decorations that will complete what is sure to be the perfect gift! To take things to the next level, consider buying a few helium balloons to tie to the handle!

2) Valentines Day Floral Arrangement

Flowers, specifically roses, are a must for Valentines day. Though they are generally expected, you can add to the surprise-factor by crafting together a beautiful vase from Dollarwise!

With a wide selection of glass vases, and extensive arts-and-crafts materials, a quick walk through the aisles at Dollarwise can expose you to the incredible breadth of inexpensive options to make a simply beautiful vessel to present your love flowers with. With an inexpensive vase and a little glue, ribbon, paint, and imagination, there's no limit to what your mind can come up with!

3) Treat Bags

To those in relationships, Valentines day is Valentines day. To those not in relationships, Valentines day can feel like Singles-Awareness day.

You can become the star of the office, favorite of your boss, and make this day better for those around you with a quick trip to Dollarwise! All it takes is grabbing a few Valentines day themed bags and filling them with candy and assorted knick-knacks to make several inexpensive treat bags that can brighten the day of all those you give them to!

Valentines day is not just about relationships, but about love, so be sure to tell those around you that you love them with a treat-bag from Dollarwise!

4) Cleaning Supplies

Don't worry, it's not what you think.

Some people don't respond as well to gifts as they do to simple acts of devotion. To some, simply coming home to a house that they are surprised to find has been deep-cleaned is a greater gift than any small trinket you could buy them! This Valentines day, consider surprising your significant other by completing some job they've been wanting to get done! Whether it's scrubbing the tub, or just preparing dinner, the true gift is the level of consideration you put into surprising the ones you love.

Everything You Need At Dollarwise

All the ingredients to a perfect valentines day can be found on the shelves at Dollarwise. All it takes is a little time walking our aisles, and a little creativity, to put together the perfect gift for Valentines this year. With the best prices in Barbados, at Dollarwise you can access the best Valentines day ever for less than you'd ever think!