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We may have only recently celebrated the Christmas holidays, but we all know that as soon as one holiday ends, we are quickly preparing for the next one. Once the New Year comes, store shelves tend to be flooded with all things love: teddy bears, chocolates, flowers and cute cards with hearts all over. Most shoppers who are looking to celebrate their love with a loved one pick up a memento to show their partner that they care deeply for them. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be for married couples and longtime partners. One of the relationships to celebrate is the one between a teacher and their students. If you’re a teacher, why not show your students how much you appreciate them and value the privilege of being their teacher?

Valentines in the Classroom

Teachers can dazzle their classrooms by bringing in Valentine’s Day themed decor and showering the colours red, pink and white throughout to make their space look and feel incredibly loveable. And there is no need to purchase expensive Valentine’s Day themed decorations to create a space that oozes the holiday of love. You can pick up all the items you need to DIY decorate your space at your local Dollarwise location.

Below are some of our suggestions for great Valentine’s Day classroom decor that you can put together for a fraction of the cost:

Feeling the Appreciation

You may want to begin by purchasing Valentine’s Day themed signs that you can post outside of your door so that your students will already feel appreciated before they enter your classroom. You can also line the walls with Valentine’s Day tinsel garland in the colours of red and pink, and perhaps even accompany the garland with hand-cut hearts. Alternatively, you can also make your own tinsel by cutting out paper length strips of red and pink construction paper, and pasting two strips together in the shape of a heart. Be sure to alternate the heart colours between red and pink, and even white if you would like to add a third colour. You can then string together the hearts using gift wrap string in complimentary colours.

Lessons for Participation

You might consider asking all of your students to partake in an art lesson where they cut out and decorate their own hearts. Not only will this be a great art lesson and joint project that is fun and they can be graded on, but their work can help bring colour to your classroom. Ideal materials to use to make hand-cut hearts might be coloured construction paper, paper doilies, crayons and markers to write their names, sparkles, stickers, coloured foam shapes, and ribbons to hang the hearts up with. You might consider hanging up their hearts along your classroom walls, in the hallway outside of your class, or pasting them on your windows. Don’t forget to remind them to put their names in the center so that you have a heart that visually represents all the students in your classroom.

Working Together

This Valentine’s Day, try and remember that the holiday isn’t just about having students create and decorate art projects to present to their friends and family, but that you can collectively work together to create a space where students and teachers alike can show one another how important they are to each other.

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