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A day at the beach should be a breeze! It should be filled with friends, family, sun, sand, and salty water. A day to sit back and relax as your kids play in the sand and you catch up on that book you’ve been wanting to read. Making a checklist is one of the best ways to stay organized and ensure you never forget anything while packing for a trip! 

So, grab a pen and start writing some items down, don’t know where to start? First check at home and see if you have any of these items around your home. Missing a couple items? Stop by one of our multiple locations and stock up!

Check out this helpful list and be ready first thing in the morning for your day in the sun!

Beach Accessories & Toys

First things first, you need to have something to put all your supplies and accessories in! There are so many different colours and sizes of beach bags to choose from! Many other storage bags and containers are also available in store; to pack food, wet bathing suits and a dry pair of clothes. Don’t forget beach toys! We have many fun items in stock to keep your kids occupied, including inflatable beach balls and sand toys to make that perfect sand castle!

Sun Protection

Protecting you and your kids from harmful UV rays should be a top priority! Make sure you are stocked up on sunscreen and remember to re-apply often to ensure the maximum amount of sun protection. Next, you will need to stock up on sun hats and sunglasses to keep the sun out of your face and eyes. Nothing ruins a beach day more than a sunburn, so be sure to take this step seriously and stock up on sun protection!


You can’t have a beach day without a beach picnic! Planning on going for the entire day? Make sure to pack a healthy, protein filled lunch and tons of snacks to keep everyone happy and well nourished. You would hate to have to leave the beach if you forgot a lunch! Ideas like sandwiches, fruit bowls, veggie sticks and chips make for great additions to your beach lunch. Need to stop along the way? Stop in at Dollarwise where you can stock up on a wide selection of snacks that your kids will love.

A Fun List of Activities

Needing a bit of inspiration for activities to play on the beach? We have you covered! The following games are super fun and will be loved by every member of your family!

  • Test your competitive side with a sand castle competition
  • Take a nice beach walk and have a sea shell finding contest! You can bring seashells home as a souvenir or they make beautiful crafts.
  • Bring a beach ball and play catch, on the beach or in the water.
  • No beach toys? Play tag or eye spy!

Once you have all these items checked off your list you are officially ready for a successful beach day in the sun. All you have to worry about now is relaxing and having an amazing day in the sun with your friends and family!

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