The 5 BEST Ways to Stay Organized This New Year

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Happy February!

If you’re feeling like January flew by, you’re not alone! Like many of us, you probably went into this year promising yourself you will be more organized. Sometimes it is harder said than done. After reading these next five simple tips you’ll start to feel better already. Along with these tips there are many affordable products offered in store at Dollarwise that can help you keep on top of your New Year’s resolution!

1- Use a Calendar or Planner

Never miss an appointment again! One of the easiest ways to stay organized is by using a calendar or planner. Make it into a routine, every Sunday write down everything that you have planned for the next week; appointments, assignments, kids swimming lesson etc. Find a small sized calendar or planner that you can easily carry around and have on hand to add anything that comes to mind. Sometimes there is just too much going on and you can’t always rely on your memory!

2- Lists, Lists & More Lists

Once you start to get into the routine of making lists, you’ll start feeling your stress melt away. From to do lists, to grocery lists, writing things down can help sort your thoughts and keep you on track. Buy fun colouring pens and fancy paper and turn it into a fun task. Not to mention there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off your “to do” list!

3- Prep Food for the Week

Who likes coming home after a stressful day or waking up after hitting the snooze button to only realize you need to make dinner or lunch for the day? One of the best ways to save time and have food ready to eat, is to prep your food on the weekends! Meal prep for the week and portion them out in containers that are ready to grab and heat up. This will save you time, ensure you are eating enough and give you energy for all your other busy activities!

4 - Set Reminders and Alerts

Sometimes there are just too many things to remember to do that some things can fall through the cracks! Set yourself reminders or alerts on your phone to easily remind yourself at the perfect time. Don’t have a phone? No problem! Sticky notes work amazingly, not to mention they are so fun to stick around! Write yourself little reminders and stick them all over the house, this will help make sure nothing gets forgotten.

5 - Tidy Up

This might sound easy enough, but there is no better way to stay organized then by always staying tidy! Take that extra 5-10 minutes and organize and clean up your work space. This can help keep your mind clear and keep your productivity up! De clutter by using containers, boxes, binders, folders and other supplies to ensure everything is in place and where it is supposed to be.

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