Summer DIY Home Décor Ideas

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A new season means a new opportunity to re decorate the house and add some new touches to your space! It is time to freshen up your regular home décor and add bright colours, fancy designs and unique patterns! Summer is the time for family gatherings, play dates and dinner parties, so why not show off your home to your guests, it is the perfect time to share all your hard work.

The next few ideas are sure to be a big hit, and they are not only easy to make, but they can be created with items that can be found in store at Dollarwise. Stop in at one of our many locations for all your craft and home décor needs!

Old Door Turned Photo Album

This idea was found on our Pinterest page and is the perfect addition to your house to add a rustic, memory filled piece. It is very simple to make and can be hung up anywhere, from your living room, front door walk way or a hallway. All you need are a few simple supplies and printed pictures of friends and family! 

- Old door with glass panels.
- Printed pictures (black & white or coloured)
- Paint
- Tape
- Screws 

1.You’ll need to find an old door with glass panels so you can add the pictures in each window.
2. Paint the door with any colour you would like, to match your current home decorations.
3. You’ll need to measure each window opening so you know how big to print your pictures.
4. Flip the door and start placing the pictures you would like it each opening and secure with painters or masking tape.
5. Time to hang the door up, using 4 screws place them strategically to securely hang the door up. 

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Hanging Mason Jar Flower Holders

This idea can add a beautiful addition to your window frame in a creative and unique way. People will love to see your flowers as they walk by your house or when they are visiting. Fresh flowers can be used and replaced so your flower holders are always changing and looking brand new. 

- Mason jars (different sizes and shapes)
- Gardening hemp string
- Hooks or nails
- Fresh flowers of your choosing 

1. Keeping the lid on the mason jar, take the top off and screw the lid back on making the mason jar look like the lid is one but has room for the flowers to be placed inside.
2. Securely tie the hemp around the lid and tie it in a bow.
3. Securely wrap another layer of hemp that can be used to hang the mason jars in different lengths from the window.
4. Evenly place hooks or nails along the top of the window frame.
5. Hang the mason jars, leaving different lengths between each mason jar.
6. Add fresh flowers! 

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