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Time for a day in the sun! When the sun in shinning, all you want to do is get outside and into the sun! What better way to spend a day or weekend than with your friends and family outside enjoying the sunshine! Whether It is at the beach or at the park, you will have so much fun, no matter what you’re doing! Just keep in mind, sun safety is so very important to remember and plan for. No matter if you are planning to be out in the sun for a whole day or just a couple hours, it is very important to be protected from the sun and making sure you are staying nice and cool.

Sun Protection

Taking care of your skin is so important while you are out in the sun. There are many ways to block the harmful UV rays from affecting your skin. There is nothing worse than a sun burn to ruin your day! Be sure to, if you do get a sunburn, treat it with cooling gel or Aloe Vera! Don’t let a sunburn ruin your weekend, cover up with a water shirt over your bathing suit!  At Dollarwise we have a unique selection of sun hats, shirts and sun screen to protect you from the sun. Stop in at one of our locations for many affordable products!


On a regular day, people often forget to drink water and stay hydrated. When you are outside in the sun, running around or lounging all day you may forget to hydrate your body. It is important that when you are staying outside for a long period of time that you are packing plenty of water! Staying hydrated is key to staying protected from the heat! Carry water in reusable bottles that you can keep re filling. Make sure to drink more water than usual, don’t wait until you are thirsty!

Cool Down

While you are outside all day, directly in the sun, make sure you are taking a few breaks to cool down. Go for a quick swim in the ocean or in the pool to cool your body temperature down. Take a few minutes out of the day to find some shade to lounge under to relax your body and take a break from the UV rays. Stock up on umbrellas and other items to hide from the sun! Do you need toys to keep your kids occupied in the water? Stop in at Dollarwise!

Lunch Time

Packing food for the day can be tricky, especially when you have a family full of picky eaters. You may not know this but there are certain foods that are perfect for a hot day that will keep you full and cooled down. Pack a variety of fruits and vegetables and other crunchy snacks, tons of water and protein filled salads and sandwiches. For dessert? Frozen ice cream and popsicles make for a fun treat for the kids and they will keep them nice and cool! Dollarwise has many affordable snack food items that your entire family will enjoy!

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