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BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has warned that the socio-economic gains the island has achieved over the past few years will mean nothing if households are not stable and instead provide a breeding ground for criminals. “We will only be spinning top in mud,” he said, adding “if we do not have households that are stable, where men respect women and children understand their relationship with their parents. “If we don’t have those households all of the economic gains which we registered are going to be reversed and undone,” he argued.

Addressing a Father’s Day ceremony on Sunday, Stuart also warned about the proliferation of guns in the country and criticised people who he said were engaged in the illegal trade. He said the situation was promoting violence and social dysfunction in the country.

Last week, law enforcement authorities arrested a young man as he attempted to enter a Magistrate Court armed with a pistol. “Guns do not fly and they do not swim. They are transported by human agency and their entry into this society is facilitated by human agency and these are some of the challenges …that make our job as fathers, make our job as mothers, make our jobs as a government, make our jobs as communities more difficult because in spite of all the other successes of which we can boast… there’s these social dysfunctions that continue to bedevil us.”

Prime Minister Stuart said that his administration is making it a priority to address a number of social problems facing the island. He told the ceremony that the issues, if not dealt with speedily, will have the potential to erode the social and economic gains Barbados had achieved over the years.

(Pulled directly from Jamaicaobserver.com)