Show off Your Space – A Guide to Outdoor Organization

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Staying organized can be a tricky task if you don't stay on top of it. With a new week coming up, it's time to tackle your outdoor space. You might have a garage that has items piling up, or a garden shed that you can barely walk around. Time to keep the kids occupied for a couple hours while you organize your space.This is also a great opportunity to get your kids outside for a couple hours while you get organized. 

Dollarwise is here to give you a few new ideas to help you organize your outdoor space, from garages, sheds, kids toys and garden supplies. You can find even more ideas on the Dollarwise Pinterest board "Organization Hacks”.


Does your garage lack floor space and is it in need of a spot to store extra items? Try mounting plastic bins on the wall, this will free up space and allow you to easily organize items; from cleaning supplies, car items, gardening tools, kids toys and more. Fill plastic containers with your desired items and securely put lids in place. Label as desired. You can mount the containers in many ways but suspended overhead is best to keep the floor free.

For easy instructions no matter the size of your garage, check out this page for tips and tricks on how to create your own shelving.

Garden Shed

A variety of tools are essential to a productive and efficient garden. Organizing them properly will allow you to easily find that shovel!

If you can, storing tools like shovels, hoes, rakes, and brooms suspended in the air is best. You can easily build a tool storage rack by drilling nails into either side of the wall of your shed. Place as many as you like row by row under each other to hang tools in an organized way. This will free up floor space and unsure your tools are never touching the ground, as this can lead to rusting or damaging the tools.

Kids Toys

Naturally, kids toys will become scattered during and after playtime. Try making these labeled metal bins to organize and give your kids an easy way to clean up after they are done. Purchase metal or plastic buckets and label them with paint or chalk. Line up buckets outside, in your back yard or in your garage. Place items in their desired buckets. Having them lined up on the ground or low down on a shelf will give your kid’s easy access to the toys and allow them to easily clean up after play time.

Now that you are equipped with a few new ideas it's time to try them out yourself. Time to take control and get organized. Show off your space! Let us know your favorite outdoor organization hacks by heading to our Instagram page and leaving a comment.

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