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What to do when it seems like the rain won’t end and you’re stuck in the house? We’ve had a fair amount of rain as of late here in Barbados, and there have been days when schools had to close. When the children are home, you’ve got added tasks: keeping them busy! A good way to accomplish this is by crafting. And a great way to save on craft supplies is by stocking up at Dollarwise!

Step One: Plan in Advance

While we never know exactly when the rain will hit, we can count on its presence at some point. The best course of action is to get out ahead of the rains. Be proactive! Next time you’re in the vicinity of a Dollarwise store (we’ve got locations across the island to serve you), stock up on craft supplies for that (literal) rainy day. Consider it a contingency plan. Your future self will thank you! So with that in mind, what are you going to buy?

Step Two: The Ideas & Inspiration

It’s best to have a plan. You could certainly walk the aisles of Dollarwise and get ideas for crafting, or at least recognize some of the items. As the old saying goes, however, “proper planning prevents poor performance.” Planning is your friend when it comes to crafting. And just as in a lot of other things in life, you’ll want to begin with the end goal in mind. Where to start? You’ve probably seen a vast array of crafting articles, websites, etc. We’ve got some on our website, and we post more links regularly through our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram. There’s truly no shortage of ideas out there. Oh, did we mention Pinterest? Well a place like that is worth mentioning again. Pinterest is a great source for craft ideas and inspiration. There you’ll find people from all over the world, contributing to the community with all sorts of ideas, tips, tools, recipes and whatnot. You’ll see pictures that go along with the posts, along with the items or “ingredients” you’ll need to complete a given project.

Step Three: Come On Down to Dollarwise!

Now it’s time to hit the store! At Dollarwise, our friendly staff will be more than happy to go over your crafting lists with you, showing you where on the shelves you’ll find what you’re looking for. Chances are we’ll have most everything you need. As our stock does tend to fluctuate, however, it’s possible you might not see an item or two – if that’s the case, no worries, just ask one of our associates and they’ll gladly let know when we’re getting it back in or what other stores carry it. That’s why we’d also recommend having multiple craft projects in mind (and on your lists), so that you have a backup plan… and you can also stock up for several rainy days.

Dollarwise: Your Local Crafting Partner

Dollarwise is eager to be your partner in crafting, and in planning for those rainy days. We look forward to seeing you in store!