Organize Your Kitchen With DOllarwise

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Your kitchen should be your space, space to cook delicious meals and create memories with friends and family. You might have little ones running around or it might just be you, every kitchen is special and unique to you. Although your kitchen is your space, it is also one of the spots in your house that can collect the most clutter. You might have overflowing pantries, cupboards that have items just thrown in or even a junk drawer filled with miss matched utensils, sticky notes and pens. You might have kid’s toys covering counter space or even a fridge that is filled with expired sauces and leftovers. You might not even remember what your counter looks like! We’re here to help, the next few ideas will definitely help you de-clutter your kitchen and get it back to looking spotless. These tips will get you back to wanting to spend time in your kitchen and having people over for dinner parties.

Declutter Declutter Declutter

The first step to de-cluttering is getting rid or donating any items you have lying around that you do not use, that are expired, or even past their best before date. Pull out all items that are overcrowding your cupboards and sort out items into piles, throw out, donate, or keep piles. This will help you get organized and realize what things you need to keep or throw away.

Fridge Space

As for the fridge, take a good look at your open fridge and think about what is in it. This process is a great way to throw out old items and make room for the new! Decluttering and organizing your fridge will make it so much easier to find food items. The next step to an organized fridge is allocating certain sections of your fridge for different food groups. Fruit, vegetables, sauces, drinks and leftovers can all have their own section, making it that much easier to search for your next snack.

Kids Corner

You might be a busy mom or dad and feel like every time you pick up one of your kids toys, another one shows up. Organize kids toys and crafts that are lying around and covering your kitchen surfaces. Why not allocate a cupboard (if you have room) to kids crafts and toys. This will get them off the tables and floors and will teach your kids to always clean up after themselves and to keep their toys together. Buy dollar store bins and label them to help sort out items and make it easier for your kids to find their toys.

Dollar Store Baskets

Time to tackle that drawer that you just throw items in when you don't know what to do with them. The best way to organize and section random items is to organize them into different smaller sections. From miss matched pens and markers, sticky notes, batteries and utensils. Did you know you can buy dollar store baskets and line them in your drawers to make more space? Fill each basket with your piles of miss match items. This will be perfect for the next time you are trying to find that one item that you swore you put in the drawer!

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