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There are few things worse than coming home every day to a messy house. Much of keeping a place clean boils down to good habits, but even with good habits, a home is made more difficult to clean when you don't have the right organization and cleaning equipment. Find out how to keep everything in your home cleaner than you thought possible with Dollarwise.

The 'Why' Behind Organization

Kids rooms and play places are among the easiest to become chaotic in a flash. Like a hurricane, kids come ripping through, and have a way of destroying tidy places. Taking a space from order to disorder comes to them naturally and without effort, but bringing them back from chaos to tidy order is often a struggle.

With the right organizational system, the effort it takes you and your kids to keep a given space clean can be substantially reduced. With less effort/energy required, cleaning is done more often and more effectively. Too often parents will institute needlessly complex systems in pursuit of the wrong organizational goals. When it comes to a kids space, your system ought to be geared for 'easy cleaning' not 'organized space'. Consider this example

Organization and Optimization

When you organize a child's bookshelf alphabetically, you invest considerable time and energy into instituting a system that allows for the easy retrieval of their books. If this investment of time and energy winds up saving you and your children time and energy in the future then it's a good idea. All too often, however, it doesn't. Depending on age, a child will rarely care which book they take off a shelf, and will put it back wherever they can. A system that makes finding books according to title or author is useless in this case, so spending time maintaining an organizational system produces nothing for you or your family.

Instead, consider simply placing them all on the shelf, in any order, and simply arranging them so their appearance is somewhat neat. Because it's easier to do, you and your children will be able to do it more often and in less time. The same can be said for organizing almost everything. If your kids don't care whether they're playing with toy cars or toy dolls, why does it matter if these toys are organized into different boxes? Instead, simply buy a few large plastic boxes at Dollarwise, and fill them to the brim with toys!

Easy, Effective Organization

The key to peace of mind at home isn't just an effective system of organization, but also one that is easy to use. Sure, having a place for everything and everything in it's place is fantastic, but when it's a daily struggle to keep everything in its specific spot, you betray the peace of mind you're trying to cultivate. Consider the magic of open boxes as a suggestion for a system that is built for easy cleaning instead of effective organization.

The Magic of Open Boxes

If you have a spot for lego, a spot for dolls, one for boardgames, another for coloring, and so on; it's easy for you and your children to find anything they want to play with; presuming things are where they should be.

But when you have a complex organizational system, for children and adults, it can be difficult to keep things where they need to be. Instead of designating separate spots for separate things, consider the benefits of general spots for general things.

If you want your spaces to be clean, making them easy to clean is a great first step. For this we recommend heading to your nearest Dollarwise and purchasing a variety of boxes to leave around spots that are often untidy and disorganized. When it comes time to cleanup, simply tell your kids to fill the boxes with everything out-of-place, and in minutes your space will be clear. Perhaps it won't be optimally organized, but at the very least you will have a space that wont cause you stress, and won't require you to struggle with your kids to clean.