One Month to the New School Year – Time to Prepare!

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Happy August! As we jump into the first few days of the August it’s a great time to organize and prepare for the month ahead. With kids heading back to school in September, it’s only a matter of time before they are introduced to new classes, assignments, tasks and lessons. Heading back to school after a break, no matter how long, can be tough to wrap your head around. 

Here are a few things you can be doing during the break to get your kids thinking and preparing for school. These tips will help your kids transition back into “school mode” and set them up for success.

Writing Skills

Having your kids keep a journal is a fantastic way to practice their writing skills and remember all the fun things they did on their break. Whether it is daily, every few days, or every Friday, giving your kids 10-15 minutes to write about their day/week can help develop their writing skills, and prepare them for back to school writing activities. 

Weekly Spelling Tests
Spelling can be tough, especially given the access we now have to technology. At the beginning of the week, assign your kids 5-10 words (depending on age/skill level) and have them practice spelling these words or using them in a sentence all week. At the end of the week have a spelling bee with small prizes or treats.

Reading Skills

Story Time
A small twist on traditional story time - before bed, have your kids read you their favourite book. Gradually progress to new books once their regular night-time story is easily read through. This will help them tackle new words, phrases, and concepts, establishing strong problem solving abilities and reading skills prior to their return to the classroom.

 If your kids have trouble reading, they may need help sounding out or understanding what certain words look like and how they sound. Remaining present and taking the time to help your child sound out words, explaining specific letter sounds, and encouraging them with positive feedback will do wonders for their self confidence, and they will take this increased confidence back to school with them.

Math Skills

Multiplication can be tough but a little consistent practice will make it come easier to your kids. Print out or have them write out simple multiplication equations. Pick a set of multiplications to practice and memorize for that day/week to help your kids start small and work their way up. 

Using Food to Help
Use simple food items like cereal, M&M’s, Skittles and more to help add, subtract, divide and multiply. Lay them out on a piece of paper or tray to visualize the math. Using food items can help you kids outside the box, and remove the focus on the fact it’s an educational activity!

 With these tips, your kids will feel confident and prepared for the school term ahead of them. Practice makes perfect, so being organized and practicing a little every day will help them in the long run! 

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