Old is the New: How to Take Your Junk and Turn it Into Your New Favourite Household Item

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Have you ever sat in your kitchen or living room and looked around and thought to yourself “I have a lot of junk in my house that I do not need”? Well this blog post is for you. Dollarwise is here to tell how to change those pieces of junk into your new favourite household item. This helps you with the clutter in your house while also saving you money! These items will look brand new and will fool even your family members! It is also important to remember that some things should just be thrown out or donated, so choose your items wisely!

Recycled Can Cutlery Holder

While this might not be junk left around the house, everyone has left over cans from canned food! Why not save the recycling process and keep the cans and make them into cutlery holders? All you have to do is eat the food from the can, wash out the can, and take the labels off. Next, paint and decorate the cans how you wish! These will make a snazzy look for any lunch and dinner party with family or just to have in your kitchen.

Wine Cork Garden Markers

Do you love to garden and drink wine? Well this one’s for you. Once you’ve finished a couple bottles of wine, keep the corks to use in your garden. Simply rinse the corks, let them dry and label them with black marker. Stick them on top of a thin wooden stick and use them in your garden to mark where each plant is placed. This is a smart way to keep track of the various vegetables you plant so you’re not left guessing until they’ve fully grown!

Tissue Box Desk Organizer

Instead of throwing out your old tissue boxes, turn them into your new favourite desk organizer! This is an easy one that only takes a couple of minutes. Once your tissue box is empty cut the top of it until you have an empty box. Decorate the box how you please and add as many dividers in it as you need! The last step is to set it up on your desk to show it off!

These are just a couple of examples to show you how you can turn junk into treasure! It is great for the environment and will add a touch of creativity to your house! Try them out and don’t forget about heading to Dollarwise for any of your wants and needs!

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