Never scrub your shower or tub again with Dollarwise

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Scrubbing the tub or shower during bathroom deep-cleans is one of the worst and most inconvenient household cleaning tasks there is. It's almost as if tubs and showers were designed to be tough to clean! Most dedicate a good portion of their day once a month or so to do this job, spending the entire week leading up to it dreading the hassle of getting on hands and knees to scrub away for ages at soap scum and grime.

Understand The Problem

The problem with cleaning the tub/shower isn't with the tub/shower itself, but rather how we use it day-to-day. Every morning or evening, we clean ourselves off in the shower, but neglect to think about how our use contributes to the accumulation of scum and grime. Most think of soap as something that cleans, but on ceramic and glass surfaces, the opposite is true! Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are designed to clean you, but end up accumulating on surfaces they were not designed for. This leads to the accumulation of the scum and grime, a particularly tough build-up that makes cleaning the tub or shower so difficult.

Change Your Approach to the Solution

The common approach to getting rid of this accumulation, as mentioned, is to dedicate a portion of ones day to getting out the cleaners and scrubbers, and using elbow grease to get the job done. This process is never enjoyable, but we do it because we have to.

The thing is, it's actually the case that we don't!

Did you know that scrubbing the tub is an idea that most Japanese people are completely unfamiliar with? This is because they have an approach to tub cleaning that is a little different, one that makes the job easier than most could ever imagine being possible! Consider their approach with Dollarwise:

The Japanese Method

The Japanese never scrub their tubs, but manage to keep them consistently spotless, by incorporating shower clean-up into their daily shower routine. Beside shampoos, body-soaps, conditioners, you'll find a spray-bottle of gentle cleaner and a sponge in every Japanese tub/shower.

When you have these cleaners accessible, all it takes is takes is a few seconds to spray and wipe down your tub/shower after every use to ensure you never have to scrub your tub again! To make things even easier, generally you'll find that the sponge is attached to a long stick, preventing the need to bend or get on your knees to clean!

Everything You Need at Dollarwise

Next time you have to purchase materials to clean your shower/tub, consider the wisdom of this Japanese approach. Save time and money by heading to Dollarwise to ensure you're consistently stocked on everything you need to make cleaning the bathroom as easy as possible. With plenty of cleaning products, including tools, sprays, abrasives and more; all it takes is changing your approach to bathroom cleanup, and a trip to Dollarwise, to ensure you never have to scrub the tub again!