make A great party Take-Home Gift with dollarwise!

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Hosting is all about doing all you can to ensure that your guests know that their presence is appreciated and valued. One of the best ways to ensure they feel the warmth of your welcome long after they've left the party is sending them home with a home-made loot bag! Consider how to inexpensively and easily create the perfect one for each of your guests with this guide from Dollarwise!

1- Pick Your Container

Dollarwise has an enormous party section, where you can find all manner of potential containers to fill with loot for your guests, but don't feel you have to limit yourself to just a single aisle! With a bit of creativity, you can find interesting possibilities throughout our store!

Throwing a classy affair? Instead of picking a standard party bag from our party section, head over to our kitchen section and grab a few martini glasses! Filling those with the treats and gifts of your choice is a fantastic way to add an aesthetic flair to your take home gifts that are sure to be remembered.

Want to keep things rustic? Try a mason jar! The options are endless at Dollarwise.

2- Stock Up on Treats

An inexpensive way to fill your take-home party gift with something everyone will like is to stock up on plenty of candy and treats!

Not only is candy something everyone will enjoy, but bright colored wrappers will make your gift pop! With bright, shiny colors throughout, candy is a treat for the eyes and the mouth!

3 - Add Visual Touches

Once you've filled your choice of container, it's time to consider how you can really set your gift off visually. For this, we recommend you look around our arts and crafts material for a few things that suit your tastes, and the supplies you need to make them happen!

Consider things like ribbon and paint for your aesthetic material, but don't forget to grab glue, scissors, tape, etc if need be!

4 - Don't Forget Personalized Notes!

A personalized note is a fantastic way to ensure that each and every guest leaves your party feeling acknowledged and appreciated. 

With only a pen, cardboard paper, a ribbon to tie it to your gift bag, and a few seconds to write a short note; you can provide a gift that will ensure your party is never forgotten.

A Party Gift That Will Always Be Rembered

Great take-home gifts aren't about investing lot's of money, they're about investing lots of time, energy, and care! All you need is a few basic creativity, a love for your friends, and a trip to your nearest Dollarwise to make the best take-home party favors of all time!