make your own diy ugly christmas sweater with dollarwise

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What is a good Christmas party without a runway assortment of ugly Christmas sweaters? These tacky items have become “must have” items at holiday-themed celebrations. Some people are extra-lucky because they held on to their 1980s sweaters which they now have stuffed in the back of their closet and can dig out just in time for an end-of-year party. But it you’re not lucky, then try the next best thing to buying one —  make one by using a ton of cool accessories that you can find floating around in a Dollarwise aisle near you. We’ve got everything to make the perfectly low-priced ugly sweater, so that you can participate in all the necessary traditions without breaking your bank account. An added bonus when making your very own DIY “Ugly Christmas Sweater?” You can use the inspiration of Christmas to express your creativity while also gearing up for the holiday season in the wackiest gear!

Tacky Tree Sweater

What is an “ugly Christmas sweater” party without that one Christmas tree ensemble? In order to put together a tacky representation of the ultimate icon of the holidays, begin with choosing a solid-colour sweater. We recommend choosing black because it helps to make the tree really stand out. Then pick up some evergreen felt and cut out a pine tree symbol out of it. And don’t forget that every tree needs its tacky trimmings! To make your tree look authentic, be sure to pick up everything you will need to decorate a Christmas tree: tinsel, garland, ornaments, lights, a tree topper, and other festive embellishments. You can then attach these items using hot glue, or you can also stitch them to the sweater using a sewing kit. Make your sweater even better by adding your leftover trimmings to the bottom of your sweater, sleeve cuffs, and your neckline.

Snowman Sweater

One of the friendliest Christmas images is Frosty (the snowman of course!). But unlike Frosty, the snowman that you will make to perfect your “ugly Christmas sweater" won’t melt away while you’re enjoying the holiday with family and friends! Like the “ugly Christmas sweater,” you will need to pick a solid colour sweater to get started. We recommend choosing red as it looks best against a quirky looking snowman. Once you pick the sweater colour, your next mission is making authentic looking snow. You can pick up a bag of cotton balls and then hot glue them in the shape of the snowman. Once you’ve finished making your snowman shape, and even adhering any extra cotton to the sleeves or bottom edge of the sweater, you can begin to add your tacky embellishments. At Dollarwise we’ve got: craft pom-poms, tinsel, and battery-operated string lights. These items are perfect for making his buttons, scarf, arms and hat. Now, your winter wonderland snowman is all set and ready to chill at your next seasonal shindig.

“Be The Tree” Sweater

Who needs a tree when you have a torso? Instead of making a sweater with a tree on — you might want to consider making yourself into a tree. Begin by dressing in all black or green. Then you might want to visit your local Dollarwise and pick up any style of ornaments — sequined or glass bulbs will do. You can then adhere the ornaments to your clothing using clothing safety pins. And then once you’re ready to complete your look, pick up a pack or two of mini battery-operated string lights! You will then need to loop and drape the string lights across the bulb ornaments and tuck the battery packs in your pocket or back of your shirt just so that it isn’t visible to other party goers. For an extra tacky touch, be sure to grab a headband and glue on a star, angel, or bow to represent the tree topper to the top of your lovely costume!

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