DIY Christmas wreath from dollarwise

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Buying all your Christmas decorations at Dollarwise is cheap and easy, but don't forget the opportunities available to make your own decorations as well. Few things promote the Christmas spirit better than getting the family together for arts-and-crafts, so consider this one with supplies available from Dollarwise.

What You'll Need:

For this craft, the only things you'll absolutely need are:
- A pool noodle
- Scissors
- A hot-glue gun
- Hot-glue sticks
- Decorations


When it comes to what you can put on your wreath, the sky is the limit. Ornaments are always a classic touch, but don't be afraid to wander our aisles in search of creative additions. Garland, tinsel, assorted tree decorations, lights, even candy! No matter what it is, if it stands out to you as something that can make your wreath look festive, grab it! You'll need a lot to ensure that every inch of your wreath is covered, so make sure you hang onto your receipts! It's always good to buy more than you think you'll need, and simply return everything you have left over to avoid multiple trips back-and-forth.

Step One: The Foundation

While you wait for your glue-gun to warm up, the first thing you need to do is take your pool noodle, and bring it end-to-end to make a circle. Generally, a full noodle is far too long for an appropriately sized wreath, so cut it down until you've got a circle of acceptable size. Once you've found the size you like, glue the sides together to make your circle permanent. It's important to hold them together and apply pressure for a few moments to allow the sides to bond before letting go. Once you've done that, you've got the foundation for your wreath.

Step Two: Decorate

This is the fun part. All it takes is applying a dab of glue to the pool noodle, and then a chosen decoration. Do this all the way around the front side of your wreath until it's decorated to your liking. Make sure not to over-do it with the glue though! Too much can lead to a messy wreath, and not much is needed to ensure your decorations will stick for years and years. You'll also want to take special care not to put too much decoration on the back. This wreath is meant to be hung after all, so decorations on the back may break and will make it difficult to hang.

Step Three: Hang

The most important part is finding the right place for your wreath. For those who like things classic, the old stand-by is the front door, but don't be afraid to get experimental. After all, nothing is stopping you from making as many wreaths as you'd like! Try having each family member make a custom one to hang in a place that's special to them!

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

When it comes to DIY Christmas decorations, there is no place in all of Barbados better than Dollarwise to get all the supplies you need at the best possible prices. For all things Christmas this year, find the Dollarwise nearest you!