Indoor and Outdoor Garden Hacks and Ideas

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful, well taken care of garden? Whether indoors or out, plants don’t just add beauty to your life, they also have many health benefits. Today’s blog post is all about gardening tips and tricks to transform any space, whether it’s starting new or re vamping your current garden, the possibilities are endless. These tips will save you money and time by allowing you to maximize your supplies at the lowest cost and giving you the tools to cut your labor time in half. Today we will show you tips to get started, how to add plants inside, and an easy step by step plan to create your own floating plant shelf.

First Thing's First

There are a few things you need to know before starting any garden. While these may seem obvious, they are absolute must do’s! The first step to any garden, indoors or outdoors, is using quality soil to grow your plants. Mixing in compost or manure to your soil will help your plants to grow faster and keep them healthier. If your plants are in direct sunlight, make sure you are routinely checking to make sure they have enough water; you never want your plants to dry out as they will begin to die. Secondly, for any plant you wish to start growing, ensure you stock up on any supplies you may need and do adequate research to make sure you’re taking the right steps to ensure your plans health. Like people, all plants are not the same, and they need special attention.

No Outdoor Space?

You don’t need a huge backyard or extra space to add a special home garden. There are plenty of creative and unique ways to add plants to your home with minimal outdoor space. Adding potted plants, whether small potted plants for your window or a larger potted plant that fills an entire corner, is a great way to add decoration and life to your home, and provides mental and physical health benefits.

Floating Plant Shelf

This is a great idea for anyone who lacks floor space in their home but is eager to add plants to their home décor. 

What You’ll Need
 – 2 pieces of wood
– Saw
– Drill
– 4 screws
– 4 small screw eyes
– Hemp/Rope/Yarn
– Wood glue


  • Lay out your two pieces of wood lath.  Measure and mark three 14″ pieces on one and two 14″ pieces and two 9″ pieces on the other.
  • Cut your wood on the marks.  You should have five 14″ pieces and two 9″ pieces total.
  • Lay your 9″ pieces vertically in front of you about 8″- 9″ apart.  Now lay all five 14″ pieces across them horizontally.  Play around with them so they’re positioned how you want it to look.
  • Glue the 14″ strips to the 9″ strips.  Allow to dry.
  • On each corner use screw to secure top piece to bottom piece.
  • Now, add a screw eye to each corner about 1 inch from both edges.
  • Next, cut two 6′ long pieces of hemp.  Lay them next to each other, fold them in half, and tie a knot in the middle leaving a loop.
  • You now have a loop with four pieces hanging down.  Tie each one to each screw eye.  You might have to adjust once you hang it so it’s even.
  • Now hang it and put something fun on your new shelf.

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