How to turn your junk drawer into your child's homework drawer

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Do you have that drawer in your house, specifically your kitchen that you throw just about anything into? The drawer that is full of the random things that do not actually have a specific place in your kitchen or house. You know the drawer I’m talking about! The JUNK drawer some people call it, well today we are going to give you a way to sort out this drawer! This drawer will no longer be the drawer where you put random things rather it will become an organized drawer for your kid’s homework supplies! You can get many of the supplies needed for this project from Dollarwise as well as many homework supplies for your kids!

Homework Drawer DIY

Here are some ideas and steps to complete a drawer that your children will love:

STEP 1. Before you can even begin making the school supplies drawer you have to completely dump out the junk drawer. You must empty the entire drawer and sort out the items. You most likely have some pencils, pens, crayon, glue and scissors lying around in this drawer that you can set aside. Other than that throw away the junk or donate it.

STEP 2. Once the drawer is completely empty (and after you clean the drawer to remove dust and dirt) you have to make some partitions. Partitions are important in order to keep this drawer organized for your kids. Place various small bins into the drawer to make small dividers in order to keep things where they need to be. These containers can be various sizes depending on how many partitions you want in your drawer and how big your drawer is. Also if you do not want to buy bins you can use old cereal boxes or other cardboard to create partitions in the drawer. You can decorate these as desired.

STEP 3: It is important to label the bins that are inside your drawer so you and your kids remember where everything goes in order to keep things organized. 

STEP 4: Decide with your kids what items they want in the drawer. You can label the bins according to pencils, pens, crayons, markers, rulers, calculators, scissors and glue. This part is the fun part to do with your kids to make it a joint project.

STEP 5: You can even head on over to Dollarwise and buy NEW school supplies as a treat for your kids!

STEP 6: You can also complete these steps with any drawer in your kitchen or house. You can do this to organize your cutlery drawer, your utility drawer or even a drawer specifically for office items.

STEP 7: Organizing the drawers in your kitchen will make your life so much easier, especially when you’re trying to find the one item that always gets lost in the junk drawer!

I hope you can use these steps to sort out your junk drawer and make your kid’s life easier not to mention make it easier to find things in your kitchen! Your kids might even be excited about completing their homework if they have their own drawer in the kitchen! Happy sorting and happy shopping at Dollarwise!

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