How to Declutter Like a Pro!

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Don’t you love the feeling of walking into a room, opening a cupboard, or walking into the pantry and seeing everything neat a tidy? Seeing it all organized, free of junk, and random items? It is a great feeling that will make you feel organized, stress free and leave your space looking amazing. Are you not getting that feeling and instead your rooms, cupboards, and pantries are full of junk and random items you’ve had for years? If so this next post will help you out.

Life is so much easier when you’re organized and decluttered. In the next couple of paragraphs, we will help you out by giving you a couple of amazing tips and life hacks to help clear your space and declutter your home. You will learn how to make a step by step decluttering checklist and learn the best ways to let go of things you do not need.

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Make a List

Making a list before you tackle each room is a great way to set goals and set yourself up for success. It will be a great tool to refer to and look back on as you continue on your decluttering spree. This list will help you know what to keep and what to throw away. It will let you know what items you need to throw out or donate, and I promise you won’t miss those items once they are gone! Here are a few examples of items you can list under each of your rooms to help you get your head around starting your decluttering spree.

- Old makeup and toiletries
- Old nail polish you haven’t worn in years
- Expired products
- Old and worn out hand and face clothes
- Expired or un used medication 

Living Room:
- Old electronics no one uses (these can be donated)
- Worn out or old blankets and pillows
- Abandoned kid’s toys (donate)
- Random decoration

- Expired food
- Past date canned or dry foods
- Un used cutlery
- Excess shopping bags
- Empty containers and jars you do not use anymore

Closet (time to donate)

  • - Socks and other under garments with holes or tares
  • - Clothes that are either too big or too small
  • - Worn out shoes
  • - Purses, wallets and bags that are stacking up in the corner

Let It Go

The hardest part of de cluttering your home, throwing out or donating your items is that it can be tough to let things go. Many of the items we store away or keep for many years past their expiry date may be kept because we think they will be handy in the future or they may spark a memory. The best thing you can do is be in the present and remind yourself why it’s hidden away in your closet, because they were used in the past! Letting go of old possessions will in the end, make you feel so great. If you can go a while without thinking about an item, than that Is more than enough reason to throw it away.

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