House CLEAning supplies from dollarwise

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House cleaning is a regular part of home ownership. We get so used to buying the same old cleaners that opportunities for saving pass us by. Next time you're looking to stock up on cleaning supplies and tools for the home, consider the options available at Dollarwise:

1- Brooms And Mops

Paying more for a broom doesn't make sweeping any better, and rarely does spending more on a mop actually equate to cleaner, or more easily cleaned, floors. When you're looking to buy brooms or mops, head down to Dollarwise and find the best deals available in Barbados. With the money you save, you can buy extra brooms, and have them stored throughout the house, making cleaning easier!

2- Toilet Cleaner

At big-box stores, the plentiful supply of different brands of toilet cleaner can give the impression of greater value. With so many available, surely one is perfect for you! The presence of options can be a misnomer however, as though there are more choices available, none are any better at cleaning toilets than anything you can get at Dollarwise! Save time and money by simply buying what you need at Dollarwise, and leave your toilet just as clean, for less!

3- Glass Cleaner

Big brand name glass cleaners will advertise features that add a small amount of value to a product, but they'll charge a whole lot more for it. While perhaps our glass cleaners don't provide a guaranteed 'streak-free-shine', they'll leave your windows no less clean than any other cleaner, but for a whole lot less! Don't be fooled by trivial features, and keep your money where it belongs, in your pockets, by buying your glass cleaner at Dollarwise.

4- Cleaning Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning surfaces around the house, there is no better value-for-money option than a mixture of strong white vinegar and water. Clean, environmentally friendly, and with no toxic chemicals, vinegar has demonstrated itself to be a powerful household cleaner over generations. Consider stocking up with a jug from Dollarwise.

5- Bathroom Abraisive

For those harder cleaning jobs, like scrubbing the bath-tub, Dollarwise recommends you check out our selection of cleaning abrasives. Providing a sandy-like substance that provides extra grit for scrubbing, guaranteed to strip away even the most stubborn soap-scum, products like Clorox guarantee a shimmering shine to all porcelain surfaces.

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

No matter what you need for cleaners around the house, you can get them for less at Dollarwise. Next time you stock up, make sure that Dollarwise is your first stop, and you can gain access to the best savings in Barbados!