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Once the Christmas season arrives, not only does that mean that you’ve got to get your decorations out and up, and your menu right for family dinner, but you have to get your wallet ready for gift shopping. As most of us know, gift giving can get pretty expensive — especially if you’ve got a laundry-list-long of family and friends to buy for. Why not make Christmas shopping fun and stress free this holiday season by following our Holiday Gift Guide?

At Dollarwise we are making it easier than ever for you to finish your list, so you don’t have to check it twice. So who is on your list other than family and close friends? Next door neighbours? Book club friends? Your children’s teacher? Or, members of your local community center? No matter who it might be — whenever shopping for Christmas gifts, the task can get pretty expensive and you often might wonder why you’re spending such a pretty penny on people who you may really want to show your gratitude towards, but may not be that close to. We’ve got your perfect solution! Why not opt for great gift ideas which will still allow you to show your thanks in a thoughtful way and spread holiday cheer without busting your holiday budget! Here’s some of our holiday perfect suggestions:

Cup O’ Christmas

Start by picking up a wonderfully decorated Christmas mug in one of our Dollarwise aisles. You might even opt for a travel mug, tumbler, or glass sports mug if you need extra space. In order to share the holiday cheer with your gift recipient, fill their mug with any number of Christmas product. You can add hot chocolate, candy canes of varied taste (including the original), small plush or stuffed toys from the season (Christmas tree, snowman, or reindeer), marshmallows, and even a chocolate typical of the season. Once you’ve filled the mug, be sure to tie cellophane around the mug and secure it with a red or green ribbon and a colourful ornament onto the side.

If you’re looking to gift a package that is more so for an adult audience, you might consider substituting the mug with a glass sports mug and including fillers intended for a games or cards night. These substitutes might consist of: a package of pretzels and/or peanuts, slim jims, a package of cards, and a bottle opener. You might also consider getting extra fancy and include a bottle or can of your recipient’s favourite local or craft beer.

Christmas Movie Night

Are some of your gift recipients avid movie and television fans who love to binge-watch hit TV shows and the newest blockbusters? If so, then this gift is for them! Our movie night gift idea will allow you to give away lots of bang for your buck — and spread the holiday cheer while doing it. All for $5 to $10 or less! We recommend picking up a popcorn tub (paper or plastic) — you can either purchase it online or in some of our Dollarwise locations. After you’ve done that, fill it up with popular movie-watching snacks such as extra butter popcorn, M&M and Twizzler candy, and a soda pop that is common and familiar to movie viewers such as Coca-Cola or Sprite. If you are looking to upgrade your gift pack to an extra fancy gift, you might also consider including movie theatre tickets or a DVD that your recipients can add to their large movie collection! Since its the holidays, why not make that home DVD a Christmas classic like “Home Alone” or “Miracle on 42nd Street”?!

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