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Barbados News

We’ve been blessed in Barbados thus far this hurricane season. Harvey came through early on its path, and while we had some flooding, it was nothing like what they saw in Texas. Then Irma tracked north of us, and sadly we’ve all seen what happened in the islands and nations in her path. While we’re being thankful, let’s also be mindful that it’s still hurricane season (we’ve only just passed the peak). As such, hurricane preparedness is of great importance this time of year. How prepared are you?

Keep Supplies on Hand; Plan Ahead for Days or More

"You don't want to have to rush to the store to get supplies if a hurricane is coming," says Delray Beach Fire Department Capt. Kevin Saxton. "And if a storm does come, it could be days before you could safely leave your home, so you really want to be sure you have these items already." He and many other experts recommend keeping hurricane supplies such as bottled water, batteries, torch lights and nonperishable foods in their homes throughout the hurricane season. The wake of Harvey and Irma have certainly reaffirmed this advice, haven’t they?! We’re witnessing entire communities left without electricity for days or more, and many people out looking for food and water. Having supplies on hand will help alleviate the need to go out right away in the storm’s aftermath, giving you a ‘buffer’ of time while things are settling outside.

An Ounce of Prevention…

It is highly recommended to get out ahead of the situation. The more proactive you can be, the better you’ll weather the storm (and its aftermath). "My back up supply of hurricane supplies are batteries for (torch lights), cell phone and radio,” says retired paramedic and firefighter John Fischer. “I also stock up on canned food, fill my propane cylinders, get bottled water, commercial electrical extension cords and make sure gasoline cans are filled for my chain saw. I fill my fuel tank on my vehicle and get thick, commercial-grade plastic bags and tarps to cover sensitive electronics in the house. I also make sure photographs are taken of anything and everything of value in my home prior to a storm for insurance. I keep insurance company contact information readily accessible and I always have a King James version of the Bible." FEMA in the States also has an emergency preparedness checklist which is highly worthwhile.

Get Your Hurricane Starter Pack at Dollarwise

Here at Dollarwise, we’ve got many of the supplies you’ll need in order to be prepared for a hurricane. Torch lights are a regular item in our inventory. We’ve also got a wide array of canned goods, a valuable asset to have on hand in case a big storm hits. Of course, there are biscuits and other snack foods on our shelves as well. Come on into one of our Dollarwise locations and stock up. You never know when these good will come in handy, and at Dollarwise you can save on prevention.