fidget spinners: why they're so hot (and yes, we've got them!)

Fidget Spinners

What’s going on with those fidget spinners

This summer craze isn’t an exotic toy or video game. It isn’t an item that’s back-ordered and impossible to find. Instead, it’s something so simple and easily within reach. 

And you can get them right here at Dollarwise. 

What are these gadgets all about? Why have they caught on like wildfire?

Spinner Benefits

These small, ball-bearing devices have been a hot item for weeks now. They come in different colours, and their intended purpose is to provide a calming effect that helps us focus. 

How do you work a fidget spinner? Place it between your thumb and finger, give it a small flick and watch it spin! It’s as easy as that. Millions of these little devices have been purchased worldwide just this year, with retailers and manufacturers racing to keep up with demand. 

So what kind of benefits could a fidget spinner provide? 

“It could very well improve your day-to-day by giving you an innocuous outlet for your nervous or bored energy, and our testers unanimously found this to be true.” This was the finding of a recent article in Forbes magazine, documenting the fidget spinner craze. 

Fidget spinner users are entertained by the momentum produced by spinning the device. This can last for sustained periods of time. Yet unlike other entertainment that distracts its users (internet, video games, etc.), the spinners tend to be a passive and soothing form. 

User reviews of various fidget spinners show people reporting that their attention span has increased, that they feel less distracted and anxious, and even more focused and productive.

Who Is The Fidget Spinner Ideal For?

They’re not just toys for kids anymore. 

While the original intent was designed for children with autism and attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD), fidget spinners have caught on with adults as well. 

More and more, we’ve become an attention-deficit society. 

Do you find yourself getting busier and busier? Are you struggling to keep up with demands on your time? You’re not alone. 

In a perfect world, we’d have more time for ourselves. Whilst at work or in school, however, time-out isn’t always an option. 

Devices like the fidget spinner can be a great release of stress, enabling us to continue with the activities that require our time and attention with a sense of calm, balance and focus

Fidget spinners, therefore, are great for the whole family. Children can enjoy them in school or while doing homework, while adults can take part in some fidget spinning fun during their work hours or while taking in a cricket match (though maybe not on the pitch!).

Where Are Fidget Spinners Available?

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