5 Expensive Household items that are way cheaper at dollarwise

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Handing household expenditures is a major hassle that we all have to deal with, but limiting them is made a lot easier when you know where to go! Dollarwise offers more household products than you might recognize, so find out whats available and how you can save money in Barbados by coming here for your everyday items!

1- Groceries

Nearly everything you might need to fill your kitchen with food can be found at Dollarwise for less than anywhere else in Barbados.

Produce, canned goods, household supplies and more are abundantly available throughout our aisles, consistently offered for better prices than you can find anywhere else. Fill the fridge, cabinets, and more for less than you thought possible by heading to Dollarwise for your next grocery trip!

2- Bakeware

From exhaustible supplies like flour and baking soda, to long-lasting tools like baking sheets and measuring cups; Dollarwise provides the people of Barbados the most inexpensive access to everything they need to get baking!

Big name stores will often overprice these items, selling brand-name products at a high markup. At Dollarwise, you get the exact same supplies and tools, but at significantly better prices! With everything you could possibly need to create any baking recipe imaginable, when you think baking, think Dollarwise!

3 - 'Magic' Erasers

These are one of the most powerful cleaning tools to have around the house, and big-brands know it! Pricing their items at a high markup, they ensure they get maximum value from your purchase.

At Dollarwise, we're committed to ensuring you get maximum value for each purchase, and so offer equivalent products at significantly lower prices. Buying your magic erasers at Dollarwise ensures that you get the easiest and best clean around the house without the need to scrimp and save for it!

4 - Pregnancy Tests

If you're trying to get pregnant, you've probably found out how expensive pregnancy tests can be. Sometimes upwards of 15$ each, they can add up to a massive expense when you're trying to conceive!

But did you know that Dollarwise pregnancy tests work just as well at less than half the cost? If you're buying in bulk, as most who are trying to conceive are, head to Dollarwise to ensure you don't overpay during this exciting time!

5 - Mugs and Glassware

Mugs and glassware are not only great functional additions to any house and home, but can provide your house an extra aesthetic touch that really makes it a home.

Most stores would make you believe that you have to pay an arm and a leg to get the ones you need, but at Dollarwise you'll find a different reality. With an extensively stocked supply of mugs and glassware to fit any home aesthetic, you can stock the whole kitchen for less than you'd ever thought imaginable!

The Best Prices At Dollarwise

No matter what you need for house and home, you can find it for cheaper than anywhere else by shopping at Dollarwise. For the lowest prices on everything for domestic life in Barbados, be sure to visit the location nearest you.