Save on Everyday items with Dollarwise

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More than just a dollar store, Dollarwise sells everything you might need for house and home. From groceries to cleaners, towels and everything in between; read on to learn a few of the ways you can save at Dollarwise.

Greeting Cards.

Forget roaming the endless aisles of Hallmark or Walmart to find mediocre, overpriced cards. Instead, head to your nearest Dollarwise, and get great cards at a great price!

Hair Elastics, Brushes, Clips, and More.

The exact same items sell at a specialty shops for far more than they do at Dollarwise, so why would you purchase them there? These shops take advantage of the fact that you’re there specifically for hair supplies and inflate the price of their products. Instead, next time your looking for hair elastics, brushes, and more; head to Dollarwise and save your money!

Party Supplies.

Is your child having, or attending a birthday? Dollarwise is the perfect place to go to get all the supplies you could possibly need. Paper cups and plates, balloons, tissue paper, streamers, ribbons, decorations and more are all available at rock-bottom prices. At Dollarwise, you can get everything you need for the perfect party without breaking the bank!

Kitchen Utensils and Tableware

If you’re looking to stock up on flatware, glasses, plates, or any other kitchen essential; Dollarwise is where you can go to ensure you’re getting the best value for your dollar. Spatulas, tongs, mixing bows, and more are all offered at affordable prices so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen has everything it needs.

Storage Containers

When the house is cluttered, it’s hard to feel calm. Everything all around you constantly reminds you of all the things you need to do to clean. After days and weeks of this, it can really contribute to a persistent bad mood. Taking care to ensure that there is a place for all your things, and that all your things are in their place, goes a long way to improving the feeling of calm around your home.With the extensive storage container selection at Dollarwise, getting organized is easier - and cheaper – than ever.

Value at Dollarwise

Dollarwise is all about providing the most value, for the lowest prices, every day. If you’re interested in never spending more than you have to, and always getting what you want, head to the Dollarwise nearest you today.